Are they really worth it?

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey everyone! This is a feature story that I wrote for my final exam. The assignment was to sit in a public place (in this case I sat in front of Dorm BB, one of the girl dorms in my school, and also one of the bus stops), pick something that interets you about the area and write a human interest story about it. I hope you all like it. Comment and tell me if it’s worth an ‘A’ and also, are they really worth it? 🙂

Are they really worth it?

The wooden bench is smooth and cool under my legs. My short dress about an inch above my knees and I have to cross my legs so as I don’t expose anything. I look around me and I notice that nobody is around this once bustling area. The front of Dorm BB has always been a social hub of activity. Its seven o’clock and people are usually here around this time. Boys joke around with each other; boys flirt with girls in the corridors as they all wait for time to pass. All these people were joined together for just one purpose, waiting for the bus.

But now nobody is here. I can hear a pin drop in the silence and I don’t like it. It’s so unlike AUN students not to be around waiting for the bus. It’s one social activity that joins all of us together. Why am I alone? The only sound I can hear is the occasional security guards talking or shouting at each other. But the sound of them talking is defiantly not reassuring. I’m worried.

Then it finally hits me. I should even call myself a fool for not getting it. Exams! Everyone is either studying or writing an exam. That’s why everywhere is so quite. My tense body relaxes as I rest back into the bench and survey my surroundings.

Exams though. That’s why everyone is muddled up in a bunch. That’s why everyone has turned in a nocturnal owl. I for one haven’t had a combined time of ten hours of sleep since I’ve started. I have to stay up all night doing a combination of reading and cramming just for one single letter grade. Is all the wahala and problem really worth it though? Is all the stress honestly worth just having an ‘A’ written in bold in your report card?

Some people will actually say yes it is. They revel in the reading and the studying. They don’t mind studying until 3 am in the morning. They live in the library and some even live in class. One morning, I saw a guy washing his hands and face in the bathroom. I entered the class and I saw books all over the table and the guy was coming back to read. Why? All for that nice, bold ‘A’. That’s the ‘A’ that will get them a decent job and help their lives. That grade is the foundation of a good life. Nobody wants to fail and be repeating the same class over and over again. I totally get that motivation. Also, there is the fact of parents. Fail a class and my mother has said that I would transfer to a public state university! Yikes! No way!

With all I said before, you would think I’m one of those students that live in class right? Well, no. I don’t think stressing yourself to have a good grade is really worth it. Read hard and pass. If you don’t get an ‘A’, it’s not the end of the world. What happened to getting ‘Bs’? If you get good grades in the end, that doesn’t mean that you are smart. Get all ‘As’ and you are considered the smartest person of them all. I do not think so. I just think you are very good at cramming. A full week of cramming for finals can give you that but in the end; most people would probably forget what they learned. I don’t remember a thing I wrote in my advertising research exam today yet I spent over two days reading for that exam. This reminds me of what a friend of mine said one day, “My dad would rather hire a ‘C’ student than an ‘A’ student.” For someone’s father to actually see and understand this means a lot. The man understands that grades are really not how you gauge how smart or intelligent someone is. What happened to the good old days to applying what you know? Doing projects for final exams allow you to apply your knowledge you have learned and putting it into action. I wish our teachers would use this more.

As I sit and look around, I notice some students coming out of class. They seem to have finished their exams early. I catch hints of their conversation as they pass me.

“I can’t believe he asked us that. I didn’t even read it.”

“I did. And that part was pretty easy too. If you had read, the exam would have been a breeze for you.”

“Dude, I read, for three hours! I learnt everything I could. I was just about to open that part of the book when I realized I was going to be late.”

“Sorry. Well, I have to go! I have a another study night to do. I have international relations.”

“You’re lucky! I have two!”

At that point I couldn’t hear them anymore but I got the message. These two boys had studied so hard for an exam and one was disappointed. I looked at these boys and the only thing I could see on them was stress. They had red eyes and looked so stressed out. One even had a particular stench to him which could mean he hadn’t had his bath yet. And these two men where both off to have maybe an hour of sleep and to start another night of studying. I feel bad for them.

I see more students come out of dorm now. Some of them have the same expression and look of the other two boys I saw before. Some look very normal, like there is nothing going on. A girl passes with her high heels clicking on the floor and she talks loudly into the phone about her flight to Abuja the next day and how she has to get out of ‘this dead school’. I laugh and adjust myself on the bench and look towards the doors of the dorm. A girl is there and she is flipping through pages of her textbook. I believe she’s crosschecking what she wrote in her test to the answers in the book because she gives a heavy sigh and shakes her head. She takes the textbook and dumps it into the dustbin. Only then I see a hint of a smile as she turns and walks away. She’s finally happy and free from that class.

The bus stop comes alive again. Girls are out; standing together and talking about the exam period. I see some girls dragging boxes to cars. One person remarks to another that she has to go home and rest and that after such an exam she had, she would never want to go to school again. A group of girls laugh at this remark and I laugh silently to myself. If only there was another way to pass school! If only we didn’t have to sit in class all day, listen to teachers drone on and on about topics most of us don’t even care about! If only …

  1. We all wish there was a better way… But in the mean time, the stress is actually worth it 😐

  2. creamandcoffee says:

    A few typos here and there but this is possible B + material

  3. I’ve told you people to be like me. Aside from the typos, it’s really okay. I like it 🙂

  4. LilacGreyIboje says:

    I agree with the B+ and i love the point you made….education is highly overrated…garbage in garbage out and they produce a bunch of mindless robots into society…Lord help us…our generation’s brains deserves more…btw…trust me babcock is so neventful…if i sat in one spot…i’d be eaten alive by mosquitoes so i wont even have any time to observe the airheads that pass by…just saying…hehe

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