The Lover

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

All I can hear is the rain. The drops pelting the roof, the sound of water touching the floor. With my eyes closed and my mind clear, all I can hear is the rain.
I open my eyes. The lights are off and the room is so dark. My night blindness makes things worse so all I can see are undefined shapes. One shape I can make out though. Her, sleeping right next to me. I turn my body and face her. Her back is to me but even with that I can still see her face in my mind. I can see the way her chest goes down to a tiny waist and rises up again to her ample bottom. She’s only wearing a silk nightie and I fee like messing with her but I won’t. I have a lot of things on my mind.
I haven’t told her the truth yet. I don’t know how I will. She deserves to know. She really does. She’s the only one who fully understands me, she simply gets me. I could talk to her about anything at all. So why am I so afraid about telling her this? It should be a piece of cake.
She suddenly moves and turns around. She’s awake and smiling at me.  I know that smile. That smile is accompanied by her taking off her nightie and lying there naked. That’s enough to make me forget my problems for the mean time and I climb on top of her.
She’s not the perfect girl but believe me when I say she’s the one. Our minds are in sync, our bodies fit like puzzle pieces. We always have sex but this night it seems different. Her moans fill my ears and send me over. Her nails grip harder and her legs wrap around my waist pulling me deeper inside. We dance like this for a while until we reach that point. She screams out my name and we both come together. Its beautiful, like my favorite poem or song.
She looks up at me and gives me a long kiss. She gets up and walks over to the bathroom and I watch her. Is that how she will leave me when I tell her my secret? Is that how she won’t even look back and see me?
She comes back and sits on the bed. She can sense the worry in my face and she strokes my face. She gives me that look that makes me want to break down in tears. I’m so sad and confused. I want to tell her but like the others, she may not just get me. Maybe I should just end this lie of my life and go back to what I was before. I mean, Sandra didn’t get it and it had to end. So did Arlene, Wilma, Jodie and Martha. They all ran away, crowed in fear before I ended it. I begged them, I pleaded with them but they wouldn’t listen. I just had to ….
She brings me back to reality when I feel a touch on my back. I didn’t know when she started massaging me and it feels good. I wonder if this is the right time to tell her that I’m a serial killer. Maybe she’s the right one for me. I touch her neck, long and smooth and then feel her fragile throat. Her jugular vein pulsates at my fingertips; it’ll be so easy to constrict its flow. The thought of watching consciousness and life fade arouses me.

I think it’s time ………..

  1. I luv this!! Its Dexter-esque.. The fact that taking someone’s life is needed for some people to feel whole is just.. is just..

  2. OOkpoechi says:

    I like. Nice work, Dee. (Y)

  3. vikki says:

    This is beautiful…nyc one deola

  4. I love how you know what I like to read.

  5. I love how you know what I like to read. 🙂

  6. Adaora says:

    I heart this! The secret was!

  7. kidfreaque says:

    sorry this is coming late, had way too many internet problems in the last month. This is seriously amazing (no flattery)…i love this so much!!!

  8. terdoh says:

    So Jack the Throat Choker has a girlfriend and knows how to give good sex. Lovely…eerie, but lovely.

  9. EkweMartin says:

    Hahahah…I have no idea why I find this post funny…I hope am not sick. I thought he was going away or had AIDS or something…I like d sex part *purrs*

  10. pornjers says:

    two words…… Brilliant writeup!* 🙂 amma b visitin again soon!*

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