Posted: May 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

It was raining again. She shakes the water off her jacket and places it on the bed. Her movements make loud noises in the empty room.
She walks over to the nearest bed and sits down. This was their bed. Where they slept every night. Where they laughed, shared stories and made love. She could picture it now. His hands caressing her skin, holding her. Pleasing her. She felt the heat creep up from her belly and spread out through her body. But she couldn’t think like this. She had to keep her head straight. He was gone and she was here to pack her stuff.
She stood up and went to her wardrobe. It still had some clothes left and she started filling them into her box. As she packed, she looked around the room. She just couldn’t stop thinking about him. She remembered how they kissed and made love while it was raining outside. The combination of the sound of the rain and the dark brought back the memories.
The room was dark, empty and messy but it was her home. Well, was her home. She lived here with her boyfriend for four months. She could still smell him, she could still see him. She stopped packing and moved to the bed. The duvet was still there. It was so big it covered both of them and still spilled to the floor. She lifted the duvet and covered herself with it. As she laid down, all the memories of their relationship with him came back. She allowed the tears to flow. She had been holding back since he left. There were no tears when he received his diploma, only joy and smiles to hide the pain. No tears as she slept off beside him for possibly the last time ever. No tears as she went to the airport with him the next morning. She never let them out. But now, she couldn’t hold back. She just couldn’t any more. He was gone. The empty room was enough proof that he had gone and they had broken up. She knew there was a chance they may see again but the chance they would never see again was much bigger. She couldn’t just stand that. The man of her dreams, the only one who truly understood her was gone.

She cried. Oh she cried.

  1. Deola when you came to steal my indomie this morning u weren’t crying o *rme* lol

  2. adaora says:

    eeya..this is such a sad tale! nice write up though..why do i feel like this is personal?

  3. OOkpoechi says:

    Nice. Sounds very personal.

  4. terdoh says:

    Did this happen to you?

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