Writer’s Block

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

What you see below is some of my silliest work yet. I actually wanted to make it serious but the guess the work took a tone of its own. Its like a rant/poem. In fact, I don’t even know what to call it. I wrote this last night at around 3 am after a week of trying and pushing myself to write. I hope you all like it.

I tried.
Like really. I fucking tried to write.
But its not working.
I dunno why.
Its annoying.
Like really, really annoying.
I mean, I’m in school studying journalism.
Writing shld be easy for me right.
This shouldn’t be happening to me.
I tried writing a depressing story.
A valedictorian in college who has a perfect GPA and a perfect life kills himself.
On stage.
In front of the entire school during the graduation ceremony.
Awesome stuff right?
I couldn’t write 5 lines.
Then I tried to be happy and write a love story.
I don’t know why I even bothered
I mean, do fairy tales exist?
Why write a lie?
At least let me write something close to the truth.
Then I tried something else.
My ex is coming into town and we’re gonna hook up.
The one that graduated.
I wanted to write about the feeling of missing him and the excitement of seeing him again.
Only this time, it was two hot chicks waiting and looking for each other at a train station.
My people, I fell asleep while ‘brainstorming’ for that.
Should I write about sex?
Write a steamy sex scene and let the comments fill up.
Before I do that tho, I have sex to know how exactly I feel and write it down and concoct it into something.
I haven’t had sex for the past 5 weeks.
Biko, am I qualified?
Maybe I should guest write on someone’s blog.
But wait, write what? And which blog sef?
Cece already has my weight loss diary. And people have no clue who I am.
And what will I write sef??
See me see wahala.

So my people, I tried oh!
As in, my head is aching with all these ideas in my head.
Yet, I can’t form words and sentences to help me with the plot.
And I’m here in school studying communications.
I want oreos

  1. freshprinz says:

    I can totally relate love. been stuck on the last part of a story for days now. Sad part is, I’ve got two other posts just already written but until i publish this one i can’t move on. I once read that the best thing to do when you have writers block is to write the first thin on your mind. no matter how disorganized and senseless it may seem. Apparently its supposed to get the writing juices flowing. I’ve never tried it tho….x_x

    All in all, nice post. A true writer can writer can write about anything and make it entertaining. You did just that…..(Y)

  2. vikki says:

    Hahahahahaahaahahhhaha!!!! Deola!!..gud one…nd pls go and HAVE SEX..it’s affecting u negatively!!…

  3. I loved it, this is just the place I am right now. I have the drafts, but, bringing them together is the problem. Strange but true.

  4. karnem says:

    Good stuff, witty!!

  5. I have no idea what you’re talking about! The 7 unfinished drafts I have are unfinished because…well…x_x
    I love this anyhu! And vikki is right. Please go and have sex. Like, immediately 😉

  6. 5 weeks isn’t a long time u know /:)

  7. 5 weeks isn’t a long time u know /:) lol!

  8. OOkpoechi says:

    I’m weak. Good stuff though.

  9. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Am a freestyler I flow with any word easily but sumtyms I dey “GOCK”……so I can relate wv ds….vic is right..jus write d first thing that pops up!

  10. I wrote about Writer’s Block last year. Wasn’t as witty as this tho. So, I know exactly where you’re coming from.
    I actually ended up looking for exercises to help throw it off. It worked, but still, I have wahala sometimes.
    Good post tho.

    If you wanna read my post on writer’s block

  11. EkweMartin says:

    hahahahaha… this is a post on an inability to post that ends up being a good post. post on!

  12. d3ola says:

    Thank you all sooooo much!
    I will probably have a much more serious post before this week runs out. For now tho, take this and a new fashion forward entry that I will do later this afternoon.
    Again, thank you all so much!!!

  13. Good one dear…I totally feel you on dis one…n like Vic said…just write…twas my bro dat first clued me in…n I know it works cos I’ve tried it…that’s how this post (http://musingsofagidimallam.wordpress.com/2011/05/06/freedom-of-the-musings/) came to be…don’t worry bout whether it’s coherent or not…just write the words as they come…eventually your mind will work out a flow and you’ll be able to sort out the junk you’ve written from the quality stuff…

    Hope ur block clears away soon sha…n Vick u too…hehehehe

  14. @i_rep_mars says:

    LOL! I really like this one. i also have/am having a bit of a problem writing anything at the moment. But sadly, my own problem isn’t inspiration, its laziness :(. i work at a bank now and i am so tired when i get home. *sigh* ………. Really nice dear. I loved the ‘freestyle’ nature of the piece

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