Letter to My Ex

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey guys. I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything new. To be honest, I think I’ve lost my writing mojo. But I will hopefully get it back.
This piece is based on fact but it has a lot of fiction and exaggeration. Its based on an ex of mine. Too much boredom leads you to thinking about the past. This was one part of my past I felt the urge to write about. Enjoy. 🙂

I was thinking about you today.
Well, I’m not embarrassed about it, I think about you from time to time.
Me following you on twitter and you being on my bbm doesn’t even make matters better.
Don’t worry, this is not a cry for attention.
I really don’t love u anymore.
I just wonder if your okay.
Hope your not falling sick anymore. Our relationship was filled with trips to the hospital and me sleeping on the floor of your hospital room.
I hate the smell of hospitals but I wanted to be there for you.
How is your sister? I haven’t heard or seen her since. I hope she’s happy with her new job.
Your parents nko? Hope all the fighting has stopped. It tore my heart when I saw u depressed about your family.
How’s your new school? I remember how much you didn’t want to leave where we were and transfer.
Funny enough, you didn’t want to leave because of me.
It was because u didn’t want people to talk about you
Yes, you were a proud one.
Your cockiness attracted me to you.
How you were so always correct and sure about everything.
You hated when people gossiped or said anything bad about you.
I wonder why you went out with me then.
After all, people ALWAYS spoke about me.
Including you.
Well, our 1 year nd six months relationship wasn’t beans
I mean, I tried for that relationship.
I really did.
But upon all, you still took me for granted.
How you call and I would be there ready to do anything you asked.
How you would flirt with girls right in front of me and I would turn my face.
And all the fights we had and how everything you did was right and I’m the one who always ‘overreacted ‘.
Gosh, I was stupid.
I’m glad u never cheated on me.
You wouldn’t be alive.
And who could forget the things you told your friends about me.
‘She’s just a sad girl, I’ll dump her in a month’
But u didn’t.
I still don’t get it.
Why bad mouth me to your friends and then kiss me right in front of them after?
You could have ended your charade a long time ago.
It would have saved you a lot of time and money.
‘I don’t like her that much. She will soon get the point and leave me’
But you treated me well. So I didn’t leave.
All the teddy bears and perfumes you gave me.
And the way you would kiss me right in the middle of a conversation.
Or the way you stared at me when I walked into a room.
So no, I didn’t get the point and leave. And funny enough we never had sex
So why did you keep me around?
I loved you.
I really did
And the first few months weren’t that bad.
All relationships have ups and downs.
We had our fair share.
I was there for you through everything.
You even died in my arms.
Those 5 seconds where one of the scariest moments in my life.
And you came back to life in my arms.
So what did I do to deserve the way you treated me?
I was the best thing you had.
You just threw me away.
Well, I’m not writing this to ask for you back.
I’ve moved on.
I’m happy with someone else now.
I saw your new girlfriend.
I hope she treats you well
Or better yet, I don’t wish what you did to me on her.
Don’t damage another person.
I survived it.
She just may not.

Enough for now
I guess I’ll see you around.

So what do you think went wrong? Leave comments about what you think. Also, I still want people to guest write for my blog on ANYTHING. So holla at me! Twitter @d3ola or here.
See y’all!

  1. Yay! You posted it! \=D/ hehehe *sigh* Memories sha…

  2. adaora says:

    :O wow!

  3. freshprinz says:

    Fiction or not this is some really deep stuff. Nice one.(Y)

  4. You never know what you have until you lose it. Also, you never know what you were missing until you lose what you have. You even pt in the hospital. Maybe you were too ‘wifey’. Some boys don’t like that…Especially when they are young. I have memories of mine, I don’t think i wanna share yet. Heck i just never might….
    Nice one D3ola!

  5. Lagos Hunter says:

    In two words——-> I like.

    I will try to make my comment brief…..

    On your writing skill, pay closer attention cos I noticed a number of grammar errors which I am guess were unintented.

    As per your letter, you easily fluctuate from being mature about the break up to being angry.
    So I am guessing that although you have moved on, you still wish the relationship didn’t end.

    And no the guy wasn’t nice to you the way you have described it.

    All those things he did “….kissing you in the middle of a conversation” were acts of manipulation.
    You knew he wasn’t crazy about you but he manipulated you when it suited him to make you believe otherwise and you naturally responded by being the die hard loyal girlfriend.

    How can you be sure he never cheated if you never had sex but he flirted openly? Were you guys like what? 15 year olds?

    I could go on but I won’t…….

    Reading this was a pleasure.

    • d3ola says:

      GUY! That was long!!!
      No 1 – thanks about the grammar. Will try and pay more attention.
      No 2 – its based on a personal experience alright but it mostly fiction. I could go on and tell u the parts of this which is true and not but that would take a long time.

      Thanks anyway!

    • 0latoxic says:

      Lol! This is funny, seing how the Hunter says “…pay closer attention cos I noticed a number of grammar errors which I am guess were unintented.”!!!! It’s like GbagaunDetector shelling on one of his ‘detecting missions’… Hilarious! 😀

  6. Punthief says:

    Great piece ma’am. Really lovely imagery. I guess a lotta pple can relate to this.

  7. dee2qte says:

    Wow, i like…..actually felt sorry 4 d babe, no one shld av 2 go thru dat, gifts or no gifts! He manipulated her d whole time nd @ every opportunity he put her down in front of others!! The guy ad her whr he wanted nd was definately doin wat he wtd wit whoever he wtd!

  8. ThinkTank says:

    Well then! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Wish I knew which was fact and which was fiction. Excellent stuff

  9. loisssss says:

    Ehen,u didn’t know most guys with SS genotype are wicked.hehehe.ok that’s the only reason I can dream up for why u spent so many days with him in the hospital.what an evil dude..may his new girlfriend always abandon him..hehehe

  10. dbrizio says:

    A few grammatical errors, already pointed out by LagosHunter (wonder why he made an error in d correcting sentence though……pretty sure it was unintentional too)

    I want to thank you for delivering something so powerful in such clear grammar. This is writing like I haven’t read in a while. You stuck to plain ‘is and was’ english, you weren’t verbose, no forced humour, or overt use of any figure of speech for that matter. It was just plain old basic writing, and I haven’t enjoyed reading any article this much in a while.

    I have no comments on d story itself. I don’t really care which is fact or fiction…..or if u were blind when you shouldn’t have been. It was raw emotion delivered from d heart……….. or d head (it doesn’t matter to me) and I enjoyed every line. Good job.

  11. TheExtrovertKid says:

    I hope this wasn’t real cuz it’s too heart-breaking. Good work. Nice article. (Y)

  12. L.E. says:

    I absolutely love this.
    I still have feelings for my ex but I was d man in this story. I loved him, I cheated on him, I made him small in front of my friends but we still lasted 3 years! He was the mushy type
    I haven’t outgrown him but I’m happy with the man I’m with now.

  13. terdoh says:

    This is just….sad. You people are just sad! You, Coco, and all your other friends with sad sad stories are sadly sad. It’s sad. Sad. Sadly, there’s no happy way to express sad stuff…just sad ways. That’s sad. Why so serious tho?

  14. dbrizio says:

    Anyone get wat Terdoh was driving @? Seems to me like he/she was tryna say it was sad

  15. Pha't says:

    Lmao @terdoh…..pple are entitled to their sadness now…lol. N that comment abt SS guys being wicked is sooooo true, I’ve had my fair share. Fiction or not sha I liked it. Good work Dee

  16. MEE says:

    I can totally relate to some of the things in this article. But the best part is moving on and becoming indifferent towards the person. That is how i feel about mine now…

  17. kemmiiii says:

    Nicely written…hope Not everything is real tho! Thats to had for someone to bear!

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