Daddy Issues

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today is a good day! Why you ask? Because I got one of my favorite writers and good friend of mine to write a piece for me. Her name is Fareeda and I hope you enjoy her work. I can totally relate to what she has written.
Without futher delay, here’s Fareeda!

Yes you’re going to roll your eyes and most likely see the word cliché floating round and round in your mental 360 vision, but then again clichés make the best topics don’t they? Boys, girls, daddy issues, heartbreak and somehow we never get tired of reading the numerous emotional triumphs and flops of people so I am going to tell this story the best way that I can.
*Insert appropriate rebellious song that suits your taste*
I’m going for Frank Ocean’s We all try.

Fuck it
The ability to finally be able to just say that and not think it sends tremors of excitement down my whole body. In one quick movement, I leap from the couch to the floor and proceed to walk out on him, the male figure being my biological Abraham.
I was done being silent, I was done being treated like crap, I was done being perceived as untrustworthy.

Where do I begin? You see this man seemed to be of the opinion that his children deserved to be sheltered from everything the world had to offer that included males aside from him. Do I begin regaling you with tales of how he forbade us from speaking to our neighbors simply because they were males above age 24 or do I translate the feelings of irritation shooting through my nerves when he made us walk all the way to another street with clothes balanced atop our heads just to find a house to dry wet clothes simply because our direct neighbors were males? Do I explain the betrayal and hurt pride of a naïve teen when he labeled her sister a slut, because he discovered she had sex? Do I feel your shock when I regale you with tales of him telling me I had no honor simply because I wanted to pay a male friend a visit? Can I possibly put into words the contempt that took over his whole expression and body language when I asked him if a male friend could come over to say hi?

You’re all probably amused, mildly shocked, irritated, angry or happy you finally found someone to share father war stories with.
So you see I was done. My proverbial cup of endurance was filled up and spilling over and it splashed all over the fabric of my mentality.
No more for me. I had chosen the difficult path of patience and truth. I never lied to them about my movements, cut myself off from the simple joys of living at my age. I was the fast aging youth, with a young appearance but bearing the withered desolateness of an old regret filled woman, and it was time for things to change.
*Skip back to the last sentence in the first paragraph*
Yes I walked out on him. In the spirit of diplomacy, I decided to talk it over with this man creature, but alas he stated in clear terms what my poor frustrated self had already known, he was not slacking on any of the rules.
And with that, the last straw broke the camel’s back.
With a smile, and a well pronounced fuck it, I exited stage left filled with a whole new resolute energy.
No more living the prudish existence, no more self deprivation and flagellation.
In summary,there goes another girl lost to daddy issues.
Happy father’s day…in areas 🙂

Daddy issues … We all have a bit of them. Either they are there for us or they are too overprotective. Or maybe your one of the lucky people? Write a comment about what you think about the issue. Don’t forget to follow her on twitter @freak_geak
See you all later.

  1. You people should leave daddy alone o!
    He knows what he did to people’s daughters and he doesn’t want boys to do same for his.
    Daddy, *chop knuckle joh!*

  2. Seyi says:

    Nice article, Fareeda. And congrats on overcoming them issues.

  3. highlandblue says:

    Slevin I agree with you. Some fathers, having experienced how easy it is to chew young girls and spit them out, become too protective of their daughters (not sons). Its a twisted form of love which I do not support, but which I cannot condemn. At least, not until I have had my own daughters. My summary Fareeda, walk out on daddy when you have a daughter too. I feel your pain.

  4. OOkpoechi says:

    Nice, Fareeda

  5. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Nice one fareeda
    My dad is my superman

  6. Lagos Hunter says:

    “I am your father/mother, I know what is best for you” = 100% bullshit.
    Good intentions don’t equal good results.

  7. ThinkTank says:

    Well good for you.

  8. anonymous says:

    This is very nice piece….. your word constructions are really nice. felt like i was in the scene. Good job fareeda.

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