Miss Independent

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello all you happy people. Before I continue, make sure you vote your favorite blogs here for the Nigerian blog awards. Show them love and support by voting for them. Blogging is not easy o!
Now on to the post of today. It was written by my guest blogger Sandra or sandie_pandie as we all know her. I hope you enjoy her piece.

I’m alone. No man to run to at night for all the excessive cuddling and regular kisses I should ordinarily get when I snuggle up and scream “This movie is so scary!” I’ve learnt not to depend on that! Money is the key! And it definitely will get all the men to kiss my ass!
Talk of the kind of man I want? Wharris my h’own? Wood na wood and so also should planking! Yes! I’ll hit on every Dick and Snoop ’cause apparently, anything goes! I’ll give anything to feel something between my legs! Isn’t that sexual healing? All you need do is give me when I request of it. Well you, Isn’t it money you need? I’ll give you every bit of it.
How do I want to work for this money? It’s actually none of your business but since you asked, first and foremost don’t give me that crap that some jobs are decent and others are not it! What is the sole purpose of working? Isn’t it to get money? Same goal different means and trust me it doesn’t matter. *shrugs*
The other day that stupid girl attacked me for having a thing for her dad! Who’s fault? He asked me “who is your daddy” and I responded just the way he wanted it! Can you imagine the stupid girl? I even read my bible more than these hypocrites! Did Sarah divorce Abraham to allow Haggai give him a son? No? So please allow me gbensh any married man I feel like.
I knew we’d get to this part, yes my dressing? So? What’s wrong with it? I get your point… jealous innit? I can wear whatever I want to! Is it bikinis, bum shorts or what have you? I can buy all the Louis Vuitton, Versace, Gucci and what can you do? Talk about me like it will get you quarter less of whatever I already have *wears Dre beats and hums* these haters can’t get to where I’ve been even with a full tank of petrol…
Shut the hell up! It’s a land cruiser bitch! 2010 model! Does anyone drive that in your house? No? And guess what? Your daddy got me that! So it’s alright, you can shut up again and sit the fuck down! \_____ *sips chapman*
I can see them trying to throw shots at me. I’m not even going to argue with you. What makes you think you need love to survive? Why can’t it be money? Money money money? What exactly is in love? Fact remains that I’m winning! Doubt?
They’ll say I’m a slut, they’ll say I have no morals, they’ll say I don’t know how to be happy, They’ll say I’m stupid but guess what? When I get that money, I’ll buy all the shoes and bags I want, the cars, sex from anyone anytime, feed my adopted kids if it pleases me, get to pay rents and talk to anyone I like and anyhow I like!
I’m a fucking bawse!
I’m an independent woman!

*Pays you for the Chapman* you can keep the change.

Sandie has her own blog which you should all read and enjoy. Comments and thoughts are highly appreciated.
Thank you! 😀

  1. Pha't says:

    Babes got balls sha…lol..

  2. therealadonye says:

    Lol.. Dhamani, This is Exquisite.. Deola, hope ur writer’s block goes away soon.. I need my fix of ur writing.. Or else *fast forwards some days and shoots self in the head*..

  3. Hmnn… An interesting point of view. I find this piece mildly humorous. God will make u bigger! All hail the independent woman – YES BOSS.

  4. papyrusczar says:

    This almost feels lIke it’s from the perspective of a “Buy-Sexual”.
    That said, I love this post. It’s edgy, brash and un-apologetic. (Y)

  5. vikkiangelx says:

    Awesome piece!!!!..dt’s my daughter y’all

  6. ibetapassmynebo says:

    *sips Lacasera*…..

    God will make me bigger……:(

  7. Chidz says:

    LOL!! love it..
    although I kinda feel like cecestockings should have written this..LOL!!
    nice Sandie!!! biko..as you’re buying shoes….sixe 9 1/2 tanks..:D

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