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Happy New Month Everyone! I start work today finally but I promise I will have something of mine on Monday morning. I know you all can’t wait to see my writing again.
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Today’s post is written by Amy or as we all know our favorite type of generator, @ibetapassmynebo. Enjoy!

6 months to the end of my 3 years relationship with my EX…he calls me to tell me how he had a dream that I was gonna break up with him and move on…but finally we got back together, got married and live forever happy. He sounded ridiculous because I never imagined this. We have been through thick and thin as they say…I felt he was my soul mate, I even imagined having his kids..riding shotgun to a sport bar with our Heartland F.C jerseys on (he was from Imo state yea). So to think that just a single dream could determine the future of our relationship was….appalling!!!
Anyway…I laughed about it and promised nothing was gonna happen…but eventually I broke with him!!! Distance was a major barrier and other issues followed suit…not that I was testing his faith…to really know if we were gonna end up together!

I am talking about this because most people believe that dreams bear a special message, some people especially christians believe that different dreams bear different meaning. For instance if you see a snake, it is one thing or the other, or wall gecko or scorpion…even down to cobweb..they say the devil wants to trap your destiny! Some say if you have sex in your dream, it is spiritual husband/wife..if you are with kids, your spiritual children and you won’t get married or have kids….. if u eat, You have been initiated, if you are around water..this is marine spirit or you are running like the typical nollywood movies and someone is pursuing you..it is your step-mother, mother-in-law or “Henemies”!

I am not saying they are wrong. These are what people believe to be the interpretations about these dreams usually based on what they have heard from their pastors or deacons or what their parents ascribed unto them or from friends, tracts,etc . Of course we have people who do not believe in any of these interpretations. In fact, they look forward to swallowing that “iya Ibadan” amala with pomo and brokoto and even heading home to have sex with their girlfriend without condom because once again..it is all a “dream” she no go carry belle!!

But for me, society has made it bad for me to want to eat in my dream and put on that sexy lingerie for my incubus! It is quite frustrating at times because after eating in my dream, I expect to see myself flying to miama just to watch LeBron play (as U.S embassy don bounce me tire) and admire that adonis. After sooooooo many attempts I just considered myself among the unlucky “josephs” 😦 . Too bad my dreams do not apply to my reality so I am not really bothered.

So Last week thursday, I was at ibadan to see some old school mates and I got a call from a good friend in Lagos to come over for a house party the next day….trust me I took up on the offer and looked forward to the trip! I got uber excited that I even saw myself dreaming about packing my bags and boarding a car down to lag. As I got to ojota park, waiting for my friend to come pick me up, I heard my name…In shock that the voice sounded familiar…I turned around and saw my father!!! By force I woke up, with my heart palpitating, I said to myself….”Oh it was even a dream..pssshh”. ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯™ .

The next day, at noon I headed to the park and in about two hours..I was in ojota. Immediately (unlike my dream where I waited), I saw my friend! Rushing to hug him…I heard my name…

“AMY”!!!!!!….indeed the voice was familiar and that of a male. And I answered..

“PAPA”!!!!…..O_O O_o //O\\….

As you are reading this story…..I have been grounded for 1 year…thanks to my  ….I aint bothered ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯™.

What do you guys think? Can dreams interpret what is really going on in your life? Or is just hogwash? Leave comments on what you think about the issue!
Again, I will have a post by me on Monday! Also, by Friday, expect a new post in my memoirs section! I’m starting my new job today! ^_^
Enjoy your weekend!

  1. LOL. Eyaaaa!!!! Well, I’ve always had a problem with dreams. Too long and complicated to go into now. But, I learnt that your dreams don’t control you. You control them. Attach the meaning YOU WANT to them, and pray about it. If someone is chasing you with a cutlass, tell yourself it means someone is coming to help you get rid of a problem, and then pray over ‘that’ interpretation.
    I eat in my dream when I can. Where else am I gonna get free buffet? Biko. Can’t be starving in real life and in my dream too.

  2. TheExtrovertKid says:

    Some say we dream about what we think of during the day. Well, whenever I eat Fufu in my dream, I’ll know this is a BIG lie. This whole dream subject, none of these so-called experts know anything. I just try to enjoy my dreams. *shrugs* Nice write-up, Amy.

  3. freshprinz says:

    Nice one sis. Personally I think I control my own dreams. I’ve screwed every hot girl dat turned me down in my dreams, ate wonderful meals (amala with ewedu, gbegiri & ogufe) when I only had garri & shitto & an empty pocket in d annoying city of accra.

    In my dreams I’m d boss man. I remember having this dream about some “medusa-in-dreadlocks” when I was a kid (a week after watching clash of the titans). I woke up screaming & when I told my mum & my grandma I got two different responses. My grandma insisted we pray & annoint ourselves with olive oil, my mum managed to win tho saying I’d watched a scary movie and that was that. She advised that I go back to dat medusa bitch & axe her head (no wizzy jokes). D following nite not only did kill medusa, I ended up having a party in her castle to celebrate it & I’m sure if I’d been a tad bit older I’d have kpanshed one of her hot slaves as well (I digress).

    I run my dreams…..#ThatIsAll….*walks away sipping Zobo Imperial*

  4. Boukkie says:

    Nice post! I believe sometimes dreams can foretell what will happen; you do still have control over it..

  5. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Vic? Buahahahahah jesu!

  6. Personally, altho I believe God does speak thru dreams (d Bible is bursting wit examples) I believe d bondage a lot of ppl, especially Christians put themselves in over dis dream matter is just sad. Frankly I think it’s just a load of cow dung…n like Cece said, dreams assume d reality u attach to them…plain n simple. *drops d mic n picks up his flute of Zobo Imperial*

  7. chinnydiva says:

    well…I personally love to day dream..and in that kingdom, I am queen.
    However, society really affects the way we view dreams, I often pray each time I find myself eating in my dreams, still don’t know if it has any true impact sef.

  8. Lagos Hunter says:

    Dreams are just dreams. I have heard all that crap about dreams meaning all kinds of shit.
    I don chop, fuck and swim for dream,ain’t nothing changed.

    By the way, the bestest dreams are the ones you wake up from and all you wanna do is simply go and fuck somebody…..I think there is a name for it……Wet Dreams : D

  9. ibetapassmynebo says:

    @chinnydiva …u see we are in d same position

    @lagoshunter ….let’s dream at room 104

  10. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Ohh congrats on ur new job…..btw when re we “washing” it naa?

  11. 0latoxic says:

    Well, I believe dreams are usually nothing to get worked up about. But every now and then, dreams are very symbolic, not just in bible times but also today. It takes a highly discerning spirit to know which is which. If you don’t possess that and no one around you does, then #ns …Just live your life!…

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