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Posted: July 18, 2011 in Memoirs of an Intern

Sorry this wasn’t posted on Friday, I was down with food poisoning and malaria at the same time. I didn’t go to work for two days.
So Thursday I started working in the creative department. Before I continue, I would like to show you some pictures! 🙂

Me on my first day at work

The wall of the creative studio before we delt with it

A better view of the wall

When we dealt with the wall. You can see 'Dee' in the corner

I had to leave my name

The wall of the studio I was transfered to

They watch us

The Creative director, Kenny

See! This place is awesome!!!
Sha, I pulled up a seat next to Yemi and started working. We were working on a campaign and I was giving different ideas. He said my ideas where awesome ^_^
That’s when Tobi came in. I think this girl doesn’t like me. Every time I’m with Yemi or any of the guys, she gives me a dirty eye and starts saying stuff like:
‘You and boys sha’
‘Na wa o, where is your office sef?’

I really feel like beating her up but I’m just here for a month. I don’t want to cause any wahala for myself. I just laugh and face what I’m doing.
So she came in and started talking to Yemi about a wedding photographer. I didn’t want to but in and eavesdrop but I heard three words
‘How is your wife sef?’
Well, its 5 words but I was traumatized so I didn’t even care.
He has a fiancée.
My geek adonis has a fiancée.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Once I heard this, I laughed so hard in my mind. All the girls that were sending me DMs shld hear now! HE IS GETTING MARRIED!!!
To make my day better, the creative director moved me to another studio. There was already an intern working there so they wanted to spread us out.
The other studio was okay tho. It has this upstairs place called ‘the deck’ where people can sleep if they are tired. It was like heaven to me.
I stayed in the new studio but got bored and went to visit the other one I was there helping them with their projects and I went home after.
Friday was annoying. I stayed in my studio until I went to see the other interns for lunch. I forgot my wallet so I went back to my studio. Yemi was there and was working with someone. As soon as I left the studio, he followed and was also heading to lunch. We entered the canteen together and Tobi’s eyes were on me.
I actually sat on a different table altogether to avoid Tobi and Yemi.
But noooooooooooo, she just HAD to talk.
As he left he came to meet me and said
‘See you later’
Tobi just had comment and just had to comment
‘Be careful oh, he’s married and he’s just looking for a way to get it all out of his system’
What is my business with this? Me I was minding my own business and he came to meet me! Why does this girl think I want to sleep with him? I wanted to comment but I just kept it to myself. .
Monday was boring actually. Went to work, worked on a few projects and I avoided the other studio altogether. I saw Yemi and gave him some suggestions about the project but I limited it to just that.
Tuesday was just fantastic. *rme*
As usual I didn’t go near the other studio. It was time for lunch but the caters where not around. I went to the studio to see if they knew what was up about the food. One thing lead to another, and I ended up going to a buka with the guys. When I got home afterwards, the vomiting and toilet visiting started. Maybe that’s where I got the food poising from. *shrug*
No work on Wednesday and Thursday for me because I was in the hospital and resting. I never expected it but they all called me to say get well soon !!! I felt so loved!!!
Did I mention Yemi was a rapper? Well, he and Steez (co worker) rapped for me. 🙂
Friday I was back to work and all. Nothing happened really. Just hanging with people and eating cake. Yes I broke my diet.
Friday was my last day in creative and I was meant to have a project but because I was sick, they allowed me to move on to strategy.
Sorry this kind of like the dullest post. All I actually do in the office is gist, use free internet and sleep.
Next week will be about my time with the strategy people. Tobi works in this department. What fun and joy.

So ya, this was meant to be posted on Friday but as i said before I was sick. My new post will be about my time with strategy. I hope not to kill Tobi.

I’m applying for three writing which will already add more with the two jobs I have. So ehn, please pray for me. I need exposure as this is what I want to do. As in, earn money. So now you get it. If you also know someone who is looking for a writer/blogger, please let them know about me. I can write about anything from fashion to music and even a bit about relationships and such. I’m not even gonna charge much (wait, you think I’ll write for free?) Sha, just let them know I’m here.

Thank you all as usual. 🙂


  1. Fareeda says:


  2. Boukkie says:

    i hoped to be first! *sigh* . Dee, hope the new department is more lively than the previous one, and try really hard not to strangle Tobi. 😀

  3. terdoh says:

    The G(r)eek Adonis is getting married yo! Wedding balls…sorry bells everywhere!!! Shayo for everybody! I’ll bring alomo cake.

    Hope you have fully recovered Dee. From the sickness, I mean. *cough*

  4. Afrosays says:

    Would this be my first comment on your blog?
    I think I’ve been here before though.

  5. Yemi is what???After I had already predicted good things. hmm…More adventure ahead I guess.

  6. 0latoxic says:

    I think Tobi is in love with you… especially if she’s that tomboy I know works there. If she’s the one (ask her if she went to lag to do law {…she didn’t finish}…) then it’s obvious she’s tryin to keep u from him for herself and not the other way round! 😉

    …And if she’s not the one, I have just mega-misyarned!! X_x

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