My tribute to Amy Jade Winehouse

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is my tribute to Amy Winehouse. If you don’t want to read it, just close ur browser and I won’t be offended.

To all those that are still here, welcome.
I’m sure we were all just chilling and having fun that Saturday afternoon/evening. I was in Palms surrounded by   little 12/13 year olds eating ice cream. Once I heard the news, I had to sit down and pull myself not to cry. Yes I said cry.
Maybe all of you just heard ‘Rehab’ or ‘You Know I’m no Good’. Maybe you all had her albums. To a lot of people, she’s just a good singer with a drinking problem.
To me, she was something much more.

I listened to ‘Frank’ so many times my CD was skipping. ‘Back to Black’ was my theme for the year 2006 and 2007. That was when I was suffering from depression and anorexia. She provided the soundtrack of those two years. I wish I saw her perform live, now I will never hear her sing again.

I used to think of Amy as on older aunt I wish I had. You know those aunts that have been through shit and know exactly what’s on your mind? She was like that for me. She knew what it was to love, give and have it thrown back in your face. She knew what it was like to go out with a man who didn’t give a shit and still love him. She knew what it was like to live. She inspired me. I listened to her and knew that life was worth it in the end.

You all say ‘She was an addict’ ‘ She had it coming’. Its true she was an addict and she was battling personal demons most of us don’t know half of. But she was a person like you and me. We all have our problems and she had them worse than us. She knew that Blake was bad for her but don’t us girls go out with men who don’t care about us? Don’t we all drink and light up a smoke and then go on to drive? I’m not defending her and saying she was completely sin free. She did things that we do every Friday/Saturday night.

I want all of us to learn of this. She drank a lot, used drugs and went out with the wrong man. I will not be a hypocrite and say ‘I won’t drink anymore’ I will say ‘I won’t let it control me or ruin my life’ She had a talent so special, so rare that no one will ever fill her place. But it was all covered with her drinking problems and drug use. Pls, don’t let alcohol and drugs ruin or cover your talent. Don’t let it control you precious life.

I would like to end with a prayer I tweeted after hearing the news of her death:

May we all not be consumed by our weakness

Here is another one I want to add:

May we all have the strength to battle our demons on our own.

This is for you Amy Jade Winehouse. Even though I never met you, never heard you sing live or ever saw you, you will always have an impact in my life. I hope you are in a better place.

This post was inspired by Russle Brand’s tribute to her. You can read it here. Memoirs will be posted tomorrow. Have a great day.

  1. theinsanephenom says:

    FIRST!!! *tears pant in joy* Oya lemme ga’an read the post.

  2. BoukkieO says:

    wow. nice piece. RIP Amy

  3. theinsanephenom says:

    I totally get u. And Amen, may we not be consumed by our weakness. Its a miracle people like Charlie Sheen & Eminem are still alive. Still hoping Sheen overcomes his addiction problemIt should be an example to all of us. Nice post. (Y)

  4. 0latoxic says:

    Good one, babe. Good one…

  5. freshprinz says:

    *staggers in full glass of sangria in hand*

    I’ve been listening to stronger than me, back to black, you know I’m no good, love is a losing game & different versions of rehab since saturday night.

    Amy was brilliant when sober, phenomenal when strung out. Watched a ton of her live performances but like most of us I never got the chance to see her play live. Her sound was pure jazzy soul, her lyrics were pure unabashed truth. I loved her music, it comforted me on low days, it inspired me. Music has always been my means of escape; I remember Jamming to her songs on tuesday nights (Open mic sessions at Jazz Tones accra), being strung out but tryna put all that released emotion in song. She was one the best at making the audience feel her, her pain, her defiance, her depression…through her music.

    This is getting long sha so I’ll leave it here.

    To one helluva singer/songwriter/junkie maverick. *raises glass of red winde* (Its too early for anything stronger) We’ll miss u & we’ll always love ya Amy.

    *downs wine, smashes glass on d wall & staggers out*

  6. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Quite unfortunate….I really liked her….

    Nice one dee

  7. terdoh says:

    Anyone who can sing a song like Valerie to me is way too talented to die. I’ve never cried about anyone’s death, but Amy’s went to my heart even though I tweeted jokes about it. I say Amen to all the prayers.

    The post is on point Dee. Good one. Expect one from me if Eminem dies.

  8. @FoluShaw says:

    God Never Gives U a Temptation U cannot Over Come.

    Take the lesson and apply it positively.

    Amy was Special. Very Special.

    God know why.


  9. bossikeh says:

    RIP Amy.
    RIP to the bomblast victims in oslo,norway.
    RIP to the accident victim (can’t remember his twitter handle) comin back from swe bar.
    i can understand charlie sheen but which one is eminem’s own here?
    & finally, AMeN to all the prayers.

  10. taralowkey says:

    Eminem has overcome his addiction. Hence the Recovery album. Stars mostly are so troubled but cause they are surrounded by so much glamour and fame, we don’t see it. Hope Amy has found some peace now.

    Nice one Deola (Y)

  11. Nutella. says:

    iTotally like. Russle Brand’s tribute too, its a good read.

  12. Anita Young says:

    some of us know what it feels like to have addictions. to all those who are criticizing her, if they think its that easy, well, walk down the same path. am not a fan, but I feel her deeply.

  13. TheExtrovertKid says:

    This is a very touching piece. I almost feel like a Winehouse fan. I never joke about anyone’s death and may she rest in peace. Nice one, Deola.

  14. Well, I only know two of her songs. Don’t really remember what she looked like sef. But a life is a life. May she rest in peace.

  15. awizii says:


    Your thoughts mirror mine. I’m still very upset. The Ode to Amy Winehouse I posted on my blog was just my little way of saying how much I miss her. I wish I could read it at her funeral today.

    I have both her albums and the ‘Back to Black’ single off the album is a song that inspires me and tells so many stories one can only appreciate when one is pretty much in the same situation. She was a gifted artist, an inspiring soul singer and a gift to Camden Town and the entire world.

    May Almighty God give us the strength to overcome our inner demons and win. Amen

    You are awesome and God bless you for this.

  16. kemmiiii says:

    May she RIP..
    Nice Piece

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