The Two Tales

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Memoirs of an Intern


Welcome to my third post in my memoir series. Sorry this is late, I was busy yesterday. Thank you for sticking with me and reading all my adventures! I really appreciate it all!
So let me just get to the point.
Nothing really special happened this week.
But …!
I will tell you all two stories of what happened at work.
One is about the wicked witch of the office.
Her name is Tobi.
You all will remember how I was pissed off and annoyed with her as she had assumed I wanted to sleep with fine but about to be married guy right?
Well, she works in the department I was transferred to.
Strategy is the most annoying department I ever worked in! Its all about research and developing tactics to advertise a brand.
Tobi realized that I practically had nothing to do for them. For the first two days all I did I collected newspapers and make photocopies.
On the third day, I never sat down.
‘Deola, go get me this paper in the DMD’s office’
‘Deola, I need some water’
‘Deola, tell the caters to save my food and lay it on the table’
‘Get me some coffee.’
‘Deola, get my shoes from the shoe maker outside’
‘Go online and send this email for me’
I became a house girl for her. She even started relegating her regular jobs to me.
Now I couldn’t complain because I’m an intern and I have to do the jobs she gives me but when I spoke to the other interns about it, they said that there work was a breeze and they weren’t being sent up and down. I really started disliking Tobi and whenever Yemi came around, I hugged him very well in front of her. Showing her that whatever she sends me to do, e no pain me!!!

Now on the next, on on to the next …
There was this guy called Godwin or Godgrace or something I sha know that God is there ..
He’s been nice and friendly and you know …
Then one day I mention that I’m only here for two more weeks and he goes ‘Gimmie ur pin so we can hook up later’
Ehn ….
I said no and he got offended instantly. He automatically assumed that something was gonna go on between us. Also, he went to ‘report’ me to a co-worker. He had the balls to speak yoruba and say stuff like ‘why is she fronting?’ and ‘its just a pin’
I love when people assume cos I act posh I don’t understand yoruba. BIG MISTAKE!
So I went to the co-worker and explained that he already assumed so much from me and also I’m really not interested in men right now. He went off to Godwin/Godgrace and made me sound like an indecisive babe.
See why men annoy me so much?
When I heard that, I went to Godwin/Godgrace and set the record straight with him. The next day at work, the boy didn’t answer me when I said good morning!
Good riddance!

Sha, that’s mostly what happened this week. Next week I shall be working in the highest department; account management. This were all the Mongolian hair and loubition (I wish I knew how to spell this word I swer) women reside. Its my last official week in the office!!!

Oh ya, today is my dad’s birthday!!!! Happy birthday to my daddy dearest!!! Plenty love for him!!!

  1. afrosays says:

    “The first thing that comes to your mind”

  2. kemmiiii says:

    Happy Birthday to your Dad..
    Show Tobi well well o!

  3. terdoh says:

    I support Godwin/Godsgrace. Why you fronting? Its just a pin! Hahahaha!!!!

    Happy Birthday to your dad.

    And stop hugging Adonis! Its making me jealous.

  4. *yimu* if e no pain you, why hug the greek guy that tight in front of the witch?
    And as for Godgrace, with a name like that, I wouldn’t have given him my PIN either. Happy birthday to your dad too.

  5. LOL!!!! I love when you think you act posh! You razz child!!!

    Anyway, we’ve already discussed plans for your new office 😉
    I shall be waiting 😀

  6. Also, hppy birthday to daddy dearest. I shall be expecting my cake 😀

  7. BoukkieO says:

    llooolll. Happy birthday to your dad!

  8. OOkpoechi says:

    Lmao Deolaaa hahahaha

  9. Mia Farraday says:

    I’m enjoying your memoirs. How do you manage to be so concise? I have to write reams and reams to be even halfway entertaining and you do it in less than 1000 words…*sigh*.

  10. i_rep_mars says:

    Lool! @ “Loubition”. Very relaxed reading. I really enjoyed it. Hope you actually gained learnt something this week though. Cuz in the end, that’s the whole point of internship.
    Have fun at work, darling.

  11. 0latoxic says:

    But Deola, I finally confirmed that I know your Yemi and… He ain’t no adonis nah!! Ah ahn, no be say de boy worwor, I fit even gree say e fine small, but Adonis?! Abeg, stop all doz yans jor…
    And now, moving on, abeg, help me tell daddy Happy Birthday…

  12. ThinkTank! says:

    The day you leave that office, drop an actual pin (maybe a hairpin) on God-something’s desk with a post-it note that says “Thats my PIN….love, Deola….xoxo”

    Tres’ Bitchy but still, awesome 🙂

  13. @Qurr says:

    Deola’s diaries.. hmmm… 😀 I hope for your sake that none of them stumbles on this blog! Lol

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