Day 2 of 30

Posted: August 2, 2011 in 30 Day Challenge

Welcome back! If you were not here yesterday, I recently started the 30 day blogging challenge. I’m using it as a way to let my mind rest when it comes to fiction. I hope you enjoy it.

Day 2 – Where you’d would like to be in 10 years

Ten years …..

I’ll be 31! Jesus, I’m old o!

In ten years’ time, I want be living in New York as the editor-in-chief of a very successful fashion and lifestyle magazine or I will be getting ready setting up my own back here in Nigeria. I want to be able to bring back all that I learnt in grad school and employment to Nigeria. My magazine will be awesome!

When it comes to marriage, I don’t know. I really do not think I want to get married. Maybe as I grow older, things will change but for now I don’t really know. Before you all attack me and stuff, remember this is my blog and my life. I’ve been in long term relationships but marriage … whole different ball game. If I’m married, okay, if not, I don’t think I will make a big deal out of it.

Kids – I want two, just like me and my brother. How will I get that if I’m not married? I’ll buy sperm and use it. I don’t want to be having children in my 30s. Once I reach 28/29 and I’m not married or co-habituating with someone serious, I will go and buy sperm. If I’m married, still two children. I have a problem with huge families. I want to be able to take care of my children properly without having to beg or steal. No 5 or 6 children for me o! All of you who will now say ‘will my mother accept it?’ I already told her this a year ago when I was talking about men and stuff like that and she was totally fine with it. Society can go and suck donkey balls. I will do what I like with my own life and not live it according to some stupid rules.

Most of all, I want to be happy no matter what.

  1. BoukkieO says:

    chei! Deola o!

  2. @Qurr says:


    Now I seriously doubt I will go on this challenge thing. Lol.

    You’re one interesting person, Deola. I have some similar views… but I think I will keep it mum, thanks lol.

  3. highlandblue says:

    Deola you are a weist on the kids and marriage issue! 😀 I want to have 6 kids. All boys! With you by the time you are 40! : | In other words, I love your post.

  4. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Ahhh deola……

    Btw @olatoxic….efe n I broke up last week so….don’t dull

  5. Kemmiiii says:

    Lol! Nice Dreams…I started considering not getting married recently too!

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