Day 4 of 30

Posted: August 4, 2011 in 30 Day Challenge

Day 4 – My views on religion

I am a Muslim (my official first name is Fausat). I lived in Saudi Arabia for the first 12 years of my life. Education back then was filled with religious sermons and teachings. My views developed from there but when I came to Nigeria, they changed.

I’m kind of an unorthodox Muslim. I don’t wear a scarf. I don’t pray five times a day. I have sex and I’m not married. I can list a whole bunch of stuff but let’s not go there. I want to talk about something else tho and educate you all.

In the Quran we are taught to believe in all the books and all the prophets. Jesus is a prophet to us. We believe in the teachings of the Bible and Torah (book of the Jews). We are taught to accept what we see and follow the teachings of the Quran.
I believe religion is there to guide us in life. To make us do good things to reach heaven. But people misinterpret it and turn it to suit themselves. The Catholics with the crusades and other Muslims with the suicide bombing and such. People will argue that Jihad means fighting and killing unbelievers. Do you know what jihad means?

According to Wikipedia, Jihad refers to three things; struggle to maintain faith, struggle to improve the Muslim society and struggle to defend Islam.
I won’t take the definition piece by piece and start explaining. I will just give examples of what jihad really is according to the Quran:
1. Jihad is wearing a scarf as a Muslim girl where you are surrounded by unbelievers.
2. Jihad is reading and teaching the Quran to young boys and girls.
3. Jihad is fighting back when your beliefs and morals are questioned
4. Jihad is fulfilling your duty towards God and living a pure and holy life

In the Quran, Jihad was never used in the context of ‘war’. After all, the Arabic word of fighting is ‘qital’. What I am trying to say is that Jihad is simply being a Muslim. As for the ‘holy war’ part, the struggle to defend your religion can become violent. But note I’m using the word ‘defend’. Going over to set bombs off and hijack planes is not defending your religion. That is wrong.

Do you know why there was so much trouble in the Middle East? Because of something called the ‘best Jihad’ which is this:

“The best Jihad is the word of justice in front of the oppressive Sultan (ruler)” words directly from the mouth of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

I could go on and educate you about what Jihad is but the challenge didn’t call for that. Just go on Wikipedia and read all that is there.

I just gave you all a crash course in Islam/Jihad. I believe in it and what it has to offer me. Though I am not the best Muslin out there, deep in my heart, I believe in this religion.

  1. Kemmiiii says:

    Now I get.. ^_^
    Nice one..

  2. MsBukonla says:

    U just whet my appetite. Wikipedia calls! And google! I always knew in me that Jihad isn’t exactly about crowds shouting and throwing stones.
    Nice one (y)

  3. ^_^ I learnt something new!

  4. BoukkieO says:

    wow. enlightening..

  5. rhaiharnah says:

    Thank you dear Deola… Thanks a lot for this. Being a muslim in these times comes with lotsa misgivings and misunderstandings.. Glad som1 is putting it out there..

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