The End

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Memoirs of an Intern

Hello and welcome!

I’m very sad yet glad that this is the final entry in the memoirs. Yes, you all can be sad now. No? Well whatever.
Before I continue, I just want to say that I really enjoyed myself during this internship. It was fun yet very educative. To be honest, after being here, my mind is now fully made up whether I want to go into advertising. The answer to that is NO! I really want to be a writer. More like a fashion magazine writer kind of thing. I’ve already started my journey with my internship with Bella Naija. Two articles written by yours truly has been published. Check it out!
On to the main point of this post
I worked with account management. These are the big boys and girls of the agency. They earn more money than everyone else in the agency. All the women in this agency wear Loubotin shoes with Mongolian hair and have perfect faces.
So imagine me with my Lagos market heels, 1k weave and not so perfect face.
It was quite the opposite if what I imagined actually.
They were all nice to me and helped me if I had any problems with tasks they gave me. They gave me tips on how to control my natural hair (I mentioned it to one of them who told me that she too has natural hair and that her weave is ‘just Peruvian’). They made jokes with me, smiled with me. And here am thinking that they would be so bitchy towards me.
There was a day one of the girls there was shouting on the phone. If you saw my tweets that day, you would know. Apparently, she’s an actress turned advertising guru. Out of respect of her privacy, I won’t say her name. That day was so entertaining for me. She was shouting and screaming on the phone about how one journalist was set out to ruin her career and life and how someone stole her Jimmy Choo shoes. After all her ranting and shouting, she started calling and begging her ‘boyfriend’ for money. And she was going to Abuja that day.
Maga don pay ….
Apart from that, nothing else happened. Account management was cool and nice. Did some work, learnt how to do stuff and all.
On to the next ….
Two days in administration. I thought that would involve me sitting in an office and helping with photocopies.
Big mistake.
I was made the acting receptionist. Yes, I was practically the face of the company. My job included meeting guests, collecting letters and calling people to come pick up letters and such. When Tope (the intern who was there before) told me this, I thought I was going to have a swell time.
Another big mistake.

Monday, I did not sit down. The intercom was spoilt so I had to go around looking for everyone that had visitors. That day was now the day everyone had a meeting with someone. At the same time, I was writing two articles for Bella Naija at the same time. As I was receiving emails from the editor and searching for information, I was walking up and down the office and talking to people and signing and collecting letters.
Once I got home, I was out for about 5 hours straight.
Tuesday was much better but still filled with stress. Visitors came around but not so much. Not many letters came in too. It was def a much better day.

So let me talk about my ‘send off’.

Everyone sincerely looked like they would miss me. I will miss them but the way they acted ehn, as if I was taking a trip to the underworld. All the creative guys hugged me like 20 times. Yemi just called me over and hugged my for about 2 mins straight. I felt so loved and cared for. Sniff.
Tobi however looked like Christmas came early. Just said ‘goodbye’ and walked off. To make my day better, she tripped and we laughed at her. What? Allow me to laugh jor!
Collected my clearance letter and said one last good bye to everyone and left.
Oh, Godwin/Godsgrace asked for my pin again. I wanted to do what ThinkTank said but I dint have any pin to act sexy with. I just laughed again and walked off shaking my nice ass in his face.

So ya, that’s it! No more waking up by 6am or dealing with evil witches. I am done with CentreSpread and I’m very sure I’m going to get a good grade at school for all the work I did here.

Now that this is done, I will focus on my other projects and my 30 day challenge. I posted yesterday but no1 read it 😦 . Go check it out as well as Day 4 (today).
Thank you all for staying with me and reading my memoirs. I really appreciate it. I hope I didn’t bore you guys sha! Thanks again.

  1. IsMyNameGenesis? says:

    Lmao! At Godwin/God’sgrace! … “Did not sat down” on Monday tho? O_o … Nice Post again Dee. 😀

  2. LOL! You posted yesterday and no one read it? POSTOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!

    Sorry ehn 🙂

    And congrats *hugs*

  3. MsBukonla says:

    Lagos market heels! That made me laugh. I feel like I was there at ur internship with you too, you’re a fantastic writer.
    All the best at d new place. Dazzle them!

  4. terdoh says:

    “Just peruvian”. *sigh* My kinda girl. Shaking your sexy ass in “God’s Disgrace’s” face tho. That’s a nice parting gift. 😀

  5. @TheRealAdonye says:

    Wow.. You really enjoying seeing Tobi fall, Didn’t you? By the Way, Congrats on your BN job..

  6. Yay we haf finish! Congrats

    Cece u r evil for dat postlololol

  7. BoukkieO says:

    lol. congrats babe!

  8. THINKTANK says:

    Pity you couldn’t use my PIN exit strategy. It would have been a zinger.

    Congratulations again on the Bella Naija job and good luck with the rest of you uni days 🙂

  9. highlandblue says:

    I read all your posts Deola cos I subscribed. I may not always come here to comment but I see them all. Congrats on finding your preferred career path. 🙂

  10. taiofierce says:

    Soon enough we wld be rolling like accounts girls minus their peruvian, mongolian and horsetalian hairs….lol!
    :p to Tobi
    Congrats on the BN job 🙂

  11. 0laToxic says:

    Good one, girl. And just so you know, like OriJesu, I subscribed too, so yeah I read day 3…

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