Day 7 of 30

Posted: August 7, 2011 in 30 Day Challenge

Day 7 – Your Zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

Sorry I couldn’t respond to all of the comments yesterday. I was updating my phone and my bbm disappeared and I also went out so it was a loooooong thing.

I do want to say thank you. Me baring my soul to you all is kinda therapeutic. It helps me when I get things like this off my chest and out there. I’ve gone thro a lot of shit but now I’m way better
So let’s continue …

To do this challenge, I had to do a bit of research. You see, I’m not very fond of horoscopes and such like that. So I had to go online and read all about it. I found out a lot of stuff and I would like to share it with you all:

Traditional Traits (That’s what they called it o! Don’t ask me)

Optimistic and freedom-loving
Jovial and good-humored
Honest and straightforward
Intellectual and philosophical

On the dark side (The headings are just weird)

Blindly optimistic and careless
Irresponsible and superficial
Tactless and restless

So do they fit me?

Yes and No

I’m very optimistic now. Before it was a whole different thing. I love my freedom and independence but I can be submissive in some situations. I’m very jovial, fun loving. I like looking for the good side of things. Honesty. I am a bit. I’ve lied before (who hasn’t). When it comes to me telling what’s on my mind, I will hide it till I can’t take it anymore. I will tell you how I feel about you and whatever situation you are in. You do not want to see a very angry Deola.

I consider myself a bit of an intellectual. I read everything ranging from science, health, literature, history etc. In school, people always came to me to ask random questions. If I don’t completely know it, at least I will have a clue about it. I’m sort of a feminist so does that count as being philosophical?

Talking about my dark side, yes I can be blindly optimistic. Sometimes, things don’t have a good side. Careless I don’t know. That goes in hand with irresponsible. I see myself as a very responsible person.

Superficial? This is the girl that wears jeans every day, everywhere. I almost wore jeans to a red carpet event. I thank my stars I had enough sense to change. It’s just now I’m getting into clothes and shoes like that. I really don’t give about the way I look. As long as I look fine, that’s it.

Tactless? Maybe. I speak without thinking sometimes. I can be very blunt and rude. Restless! That’s me. When I talk my hands move around. I can’t sit without my hands doing something. My hair has suffered from me pulling and twisting it around when I’m bored.

So ehn, that’s a little bit more of me. I hope the next one isn’t so much of me baring my soul. See you tomorrow.

  1. ibetapassmynebo says:

    I fnk its more abt d whole “zodaic” craze bla bla….not dat bla…lol

    Nice one (y)…..nway most people dnt evn believe d thn so….

  2. twiittumi says:

    I think the whole zodiac thing is just a scam. Ur character is determined by factors like where u grow up,how much tV u watch n how cool ur elder brother is…. not some bulshit sign.
    Great blog Bro(jst in case am wrong, SIS). Funny how I find most of these blogs thru ibetapassmynebo. Wats ur twitter handle by the way?

  3. Zodiac gini? \______

    You know we don’t believe this ish, dear.

  4. terdoh says:

    Zodiacs contradict themselves. The only benefit I get is from making fun of them. I don’t even know what ‘sign’ I am.

  5. 0latoxic says:

    How did I miss this? ‘Horoscopology’ is BS, my opinion. I’m with twiittumi on this one. Environment, upbringing, peer pressure, training, those are the things that determine a person’s personality…. and you’ve got a beautiful sunshiny personality… :*

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