Day 9 of 30

Posted: August 9, 2011 in 30 Day Challenge

Day 9 – How you hope your future to will be like

Hello everyone!

Thanks for all the comments. I appreciate you all reading my daily posts and enjoying them as well. For all those who said the story is ‘incomplete’, go make up ur own story!

Now how would I like my life to be in the future. This will be short. I just remembered that I haven’t posted today’s own so I just something together.

Flying cars. I’ve always wanted one after watching the Jetsons.

Dodo that peels and fries itself. #NuffSaid

Cookies and Cream ice cream that has no calories. Isn’t this every woman’s dream?

Booooooooks! I want a whole library filled with novels and cook books.

My magazine job will be awesome. I will be rich and have a walk in closet with shoes and clothes and shoes and … You get the point.

I want children, just two. A boy and a girl like my family. I will bombard them will love and care but I will not hesitate to beat them tho.

I can’t think of more stuff sha.

I think I said it before but I just honestly want to be happy in the future.

  1. I should have a medal for always being 1st on ur blog u know…

  2. Btw, U didn’t say anyfn bout a husband. :s

  3. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Nice….flying cars….I likey

  4. Cookies…….. *staring into space*

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