Day 10 of 30

Posted: August 10, 2011 in 30 Day Challenge

Day 10- Discuss your first love and first kiss


Yesterday, I dint post until like 12 am cos I was lazy and tired. Been struggling to keep this up but I will finish this challenge! Yes I will!

My first love was everything you expected such to be. Sweet and innocent. We were both still in high school and we met through mutual friends. We chatted and talked but never really admitted what we felt until the day he was going back to school for extension (he was in ss3 and I was in ss2). I finally blurted out to him on the phone that I liked him (yes I told him my feelings first, go suck an egg).

We went out about four months. It was a very simple relationship. He would walk me to café and wave to me from the window of his dorm. He would come to the music lab when we were having band practice (I was a band geek, I played the flute) and watch me play. I would listen to him talk about his dreams and ambitions about being in show biz. It was that kind of sweet love.

He was also my first kiss. It happened on the night before his graduation. It was not the best kiss I’ve had but still it was nice. No excessive tongue or saliva or all that crap. He didn’t even try to touch me or anything; he was just such a sweet guy.

We broke up after he graduated and went to America for uni. We both just couldn’t handle being in a long distance relationship at that time. Now that I think about it, I was really messed up at the time. I fought with him a lot because I missed him so much. It all went downhill from there.

Now we are really good friends and he gives me advice about writing about fashion (he’s an editor of a fashion website).

That’s it. Nothing more to say

  1. terdoh says:

    *bewitched look*

    You’re fucking serious about this 30 day challenge. I’ll do it when I retire.

  2. terdoh says:

    Long distance is a bitch BTW.

  3. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Awww…nice….first love…we never forget dem…. 😦

  4. Imhootep says:

    Nice… I like girls that tell guys their feelings.
    Pls, finish dis challenge. I haven’t missed a day.

  5. Kemmiiii says:

    I should try this 30 day challenge….

  6. THINKTANK says:


    Ah! Young love…

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