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This is my last post from my soft yet study bed, from that place I call my sanctuary, the place I call home. This is the last post I write from under my duvet, under the warmness of the wool, and under the steady eyes of the parents.

This is the last post I write from home (until December).

A bit dramatic right? Don’t mind me. I actually can’t wait to leave. You guys have no idea what I go through in this house of mine. It’s like a mini world war anytime I want to be happy or I want to do something nice for myself. I will finally go back to school and continue my quest for education (still me being dramatic).

I don’t want to leave Lagos tho. Home is different but Lagos I love. I used to loathe coming home because I didn’t have a lot of friends in Lagos and my parents used to never allow me out. With a few lies here and there, I had a lot of fun. This summer I met loads of new people and made new friends. I would have died of boredom if it wasn’t for them.

School will hopefully be awesome this time. Going back to school without a boyfriend or best friend in tow will scare you but please, I’m much stronger than that. I will make new friends; meet new boys and all the sorts.

I cannot go on with mentioning some people. These people made my summer so much better. I met most of them one Sunday like this when rain threatened to sweep Lagos away. It was well worth it tho.

Special thanks to Victor, my ‘fake’ husband, Slim and that #WithanL boy, Bankole of Afrosays, Bule the ‘Love Doctor’, The great Tula, our one and only Mallam, #TorsoThrusday winner Toxic, and last but not the least, the biggest man-whore I know (not as big as Dayo sha) Jibola.

Shout out to all the other people I met and hung out with! I can’t remember everyone now but I love you all. Just know that you are in a very special part of my heart reserved for you. 😀

At school, I shall continue my 30 day challenge. I became lazy and stopped but in school, I shall find the zeal to work and do this too. Also, I have an idea for a series but that will come up after I’m done with this challenge.

If you want me to feature or write for your blog, hit me up! I need work samples for my graduate school portfolio. You guys can help me achieve my dreams of moving to New York. 😀

That’s it for now. Monday shall be Day 12 I think which is to bullet my whole day. Seeing I will be in school doing my registration and clearance, it should be interesting.

Kisses! 😀

  1. freshprinz says:

    I love u too sweetie. :* & I’ll definitely miss u. Thank God for BBM sha…i’ll only be one ping away 😀

  2. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Aww…safe trip bak to skul…God is wit u!

  3. afrosays says:

    Snifff snifff.
    So it was Vick that usurped our planned Wizkid-ing?



  4. BoukkieO says:

    Awww..safe trip back to school! *hugs*

  5. 0laToxic says:

    Awww,I feel so toulshed. Oh-my-gawlsh! I hope I don’t cwy *tear drops down cheek and lands on photoshopped chest* 😀

    Oh, by the way, I swear, my torso didn’t do any thrusting on any of the said #TorsoThRUsdays 😉

    I’ll miss you, luv…

  6. @TheRealAdonye says:

    Deola is coming to meet us in Yola *Prepares Red Carpet and Limo*

  7. terdoh says:


    I’m strong yo.

  8. Kemmiiii says:

    Safe journey back to school sweetie.

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