Day 12 of 30

Posted: August 22, 2011 in 30 Day Challenge

Helllllloooo!!! 😀
So lemme just get to the point. Today’s challenge was to bullet my whole day.

– Woke up and got ready for registration and clearance. Had to get there early so I could beat the rush.

– Got to the hall and found out I was owing 925 naira. Compared to normal AUN fees, this was hilarious. Had to sign a form and stuff to allow me to finish.

– Got to housing and found out my new room was in my ex’s old dorm (it was turned into a girls dorm). The memories I have of that place ehn …

– Registered for classes. I’m doing my communications final project this semester. Its gonna be HELL.

– Got back to my friends room and gisted with them. I wasn’t ready to move yet so I chilled with them for a bit. Showed them funny videos I downloaded online. Also got the key to my room which is kinda opposite the exs room. *sigh

– Went for this event where school clubs had to introduce themselves to the freshmen. I had to give a short impromptu speech right there ( I rep my school’s press club). It was shaky but okay.

– Went for the welcome back barbecue which was fun. They finally unveiled the school mascot which is a stallion. People were dancing to Oliver Twist and I was rolling.

– Left the girls to hang with my boys, Paul, Charles and Micheal. Micheal is an alum and he works for school. He has a whole room to himself in the Alumni Quaters. We played ‘Rock Band’ for hours(I was the singer and I knew most of the songs).

– Came back to school and went straight to where my stuff was. Started typing this and listening to ‘Pakumoro’ (Wizkid) and ‘I was here’ (Beyonce)

That’s my day! This was rushed so excuse all gbaguans and typos … See u all 2moro.

  1. highlandblue says:

    Your day was so short! 😦 Welcome back though. 😀

  2. Chidz says:

    awww…I miss everyone…*SOBS*!!!

  3. *Scribbles…….*

    “LH was here”

  4. @TheRealAdonye says:

    My own speech was worse sha.. Urs was Okay..

  5. terdoh says:

    I was expecting shit like;

    -Got knocked down by a speeding train and broke my nail.

    -Had to fight 16 super ninja turtles to get my room key. Killed 17 of them.

    -Key didn’t work so I broke down the door. Fixed the hinges just by looking at them.

    -Gave a speech on how awesome I was.

    -Got toasted. 😀

    Your day was boring jor!

  6. 0laToxic says:

    All the best in this new semester, dearie… And in your project/thesis too…

  7. papyrusczar says:

    Terdoh is really finished…..

  8. bule_jr says:

    Smh terdoh.
    D3 what memories of that dorm ey? Kindly spill. Stop teasing us with correct gist.
    All the best in school.

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