My Duty

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

*So yes. I’m back. I didnt write yesterday’s chanllege becaue honestly, I didnt want to start digging up old memories (the challenge was to write my earliest memory). I’m in limbo right now, not happy yet not sad. Me digging up memories might just tip me over the wrong edge.

As a peace offering to you all, I wrote a very short story for you all. I got the idea of it while I was actually watching my male friends play tennis. I hope you all enjoy it. Comments and criticisms would be highly appreciated!*


When I face the one who made my disgusting heart from a lump of clay, Should he ask what got me through, If he asks me, it was you.

Cemetery by Say Anything


I can see her. She doesn’t know I’m there but I can watch her perfectly from my spot. I’m not stalking her, she knows me and I know her. After all, she’s my girlfriend.

She watching Eddie and Malcom play tennis while Shane is standing around watching them. Her eyes are animated, moving back and forth, watching the ball move. Her hands are occupied, she’s playing with her keys. I spot the yellow flower clip I gave her before I left. She’s toying with it, moving it between her nimble fingers. She smiles and drops it. Her focus has shifted to her blackberry while mine is on her body.

Her sandals are off and she’s crossing her legs. Her legs are a different shade from her face due to the fact she hates wearing short stuff. Today she’s different tho. She’s wearing denim cutoffs, the ones I’ve removed so many times when she would wear it only for me. Her ass … It shld be named the 8th wonder of the world. Not too big and shapeless, just big enough to jiggle and tease. She hated it, saying it brought too much male attention. I loved it.

She suddenly turned away from her phone and put on her headphones. I could hear the song ‘Loud’ by Example playing. She loved that song, techno was her weakness. She started bobbing her head and moving around. She was clearly enjoying herself. I focus on her face now. Her lips are mouthing the lyrics of the song. Her smooth and perfect lips that did wonders to me. The little kisses on my cheek, the intense kisses when we were making out and her lips around my member. Thinking of those times stirred my loins but I put my mind to my task.

I battle with my heart and my duty. I was put on this task to prove my devotion, to prove I could do my job. But making her the target … They did this on purpose. They wanted me to eliminate the only thing that mattered, the only link to my humanity. I couldn’t do this. I just couldn’t.

Now she’s standing and laughing with Eddie. I look at her face, filled with so much animation, with so much life. At that moment, I knew what I had to do. It was either me or her.

The last thing I saw was her face, begging me to stay with her, not to leave her alone. She must have heard the gun shot or my body hit the ground because I didn’t intend for her to hear or see me. It was already too late. I had chosen for her to live.

  1. Nice……sad dat he had to die doe…he culd hav jst grabbed her n made a run for it

  2. afrosays says:


    Not a challenge thing? Ope oh!

    So? I liked the progression.

    Man in love, probably secret agent, probably mob agent, just someone doing something that involves very high stakes.

    He must choose himself or his woman.

    The end was however not as detailed as I’d have hoped so I didn’t feel the bang that this nice story deserved. His deaths just kinda eased into and out of my mind :(.

  3. ibetapassmynebo says:

    hmmmm touching…chai so he can only be seeing d bumbum bt cant touch.. 😦

  4. Genesis says:

    Nice twist at the end. (Y) And the description of that Ass… Got my mind in a Kama sutra-like grip, leaving my body at the office. (˘⌣˘)

  5. ok so, where is the rest? 😀 Lovely piece, still need the rest tho

  6. terdoh says:

    That guy is a perv!

  7. Lagoshunter says:

    Is it just me or everybody is blogging for ‘shock value’ these days?

    This story is like 10 others I have read from other bloggers recently.

    This type of writing is simplistic and easy.

    Everybody & anybody can do this.

    It is fast becoming boring……..

    I think bloggers/writers who take themselves seriously can actually do better….

    • d3ola says:

      I didn’t do this for shock value … it was a simple story that came to my mind after watching my friends play tennis
      Yes i do agree it’s simple and easy, that was kinda my point. I didnt want to make it winded or extended. Just simple and straight to the point.

      • Lagoshunter says:

        It was a good read until somebody had to die.
        The story could have done very well without it.
        Just my opinion…..

  8. Ekwe says:

    everything afrosays said.

  9. 0laToxic says:

    I like it. Just the way it is. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  10. Ngufy says:

    …. Did he have to die tho? Why must we make sad endings to make the story real and full of intrigue? I wish it didnt end…
    One those stories U wish had a continuation.
    Nice read while it lasted…

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