Introduction – The Writer’s Roundabout

Posted: August 29, 2011 in The Writer's Roundabout

Hello everyone!!!!

So I have two announcements today! One is something I think we all saw coming and the other is something new I have been thinking for a while.

So I have decided to stop the 30 day challenge. I got bored with it and I became very somehow with it. I would have been done with it soon if I went according to schedule but I became lazy and all. Maybe I’ll continue it later but now I have bigger fish to fry ….

I am starting a new series on my blog!!! This one though is very different from all the ones out there. There is no story line. Lemme explain better before y’all cut my head off.

Ever played this game when your drunk with your friends …  Someone starts the sentence with a word and the next person continues. And it goes on like that until you and your friends have made a long ass story which is totally different from what you all started with.

This is how the story will be. There is no topic or point or definite story line. Someone writes the beginning and the next person continues like that. You have to read the story to actually know what you are going to write about. If I write this week, the next person has to read my story and has a week to come up with the continuation. It goes on like this till the end. The ending rests solely on the last person. He/she knows how the story will end. I hope I made myself clear.

This came to me when I was … ehn I was drinking. So? I’m legal (in some countries, will be legal in all countries in December). But that’s besides the point.

I have reached out to great bloggers and writers far and wide and many have agreed to help me write this series. Here are some of the comfirmed writers:

Terdoh, Banx of AfroSays,Onyinye (up coming writer) Olatoxic, Wole (Think Tank), Sandie Pandie, Boukkie and RJ (The hilarious guy from the RJ Show)

You might not know some of the names there but trust me, they have awesome writing styles and huge imaginations. I want to showcase different people’s talents with this project.  I believe they are the best team for this project.

I am yet to organize them and figure out who is first and all but by next week, we should be up and running. Join me in the wonderful and unique series I am calling ‘The Writer’s Roundabout’ (don’t like it? Gimmie suggestions!)

Thank yooooou! 😀

  1. Ayob alariwo says:

    Cool…I want @cecestockings and @goldenmoses on d team also jare

  2. U didn’t say anything bout the bella naija money 😦

  3. taiofierce says:

    Nice idea 🙂 (Y)
    We await the series

  4. Genesis says:

    I want in! 😦

  5. OK.. I can’t wait for this to start..

  6. Wana says:

    Wonderful idea! I want to write too!

  7. Ms_Anee says:

    Yh I think Cecenostockings should be in on it

  8. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Looking forward to it…. 🙂

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  11. gboukzi says:

    You shld add the goth prince, chinnydiva & bubusn to ur list of writers! I want in too o!

  12. laiwola11 says:

    Interesting guys with bright minds…i luv dis :-D!

  13. 'More says:

    Add bule too…& slim

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