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Posted: September 2, 2011 in The Writer's Roundabout

Welcome back!!!

If you were here on Monday, you would know about my new series I’m starting here called ‘The Writer’s Roundabout’. If not, click here for that.

So let me just tell you all a little more about it.

I will post a story I wrote and then the next writer will continue the story. He/she have no prior knowledge of the story or what it is even about sef. Then the next writer will continue it and it goes on like that the last writer finishes it. In other words, nobody knows how the story will end.

For this project, I have assembled a group of creative writers who will help me write the series. They are

  • Bankole (Banx of Afrosays)
  • Terdoh (We all know who he is)
  • Olatokunbo (Olatoxic, the last virgin on twitter)
  • Onyinye (personal persin, great writer)
  • Sandra (Sandie Pandie)
  • Bukola (BoukkieO, upcoming writer)
  • RJ (of the hilarious RJ show)
  • Victor (FreshPrince, creative guy and former man whore)
  • Wole (ThinkTank)
  • Coco (CeceNoStockings, I actually received death threats if I didn’t include her)

These are the wonderful people who will be helping me with this project.

Now on to the order of people ….

Everyone’s name was written down on a piece of paper and folded up into little tiny balls. Then I placed them all in a calabash purse and shook it up.

names on paper

names in calabash/purse


Names in bowl ... had to cahnge the location, the jazz worked well

Chinwe holding the name of the next writer

Chinwe helped me to pick the name of the next writer after me. I will reveal the name to you all on Monday.They have only three days (including the day the story was posted) to come up with the continuation.

So that’s mainly it! Watch out for the first installment of the series on Monday at around 9/10 am!

Thank you!!! 😀



  1. @TheRealAdonye says:

    Hahaha.. I await patiently..

  2. terdoh says:

    I solemnly swear to make it difficult for the next person who will write after me. *evil grin* (That looks like this :))

  3. “Everyone’s name was written down on a piece of paper and folded up into little tiny BALLS. Then I placed them all in a calabash/purse and SHOOK IT UP” …. <———– SEXUAL!!!!!!

  4. SlevinCalevra says:

    Me I want to set P with this Chinwe o! Ehen…

  5. OOkpoechi says:


  6. 0laToxic says:

    Eating Sandie’s hot yam… X_x

  7. kponja says:

    This should be fun. *places order for container of popcorn* 😀

  8. FreshPrinz says:

    Damn…do we get to have an orgy after? I’m counting six guys & 4 girls but I think tox can sit this one out…for obvious reasons…

  9. FreshPrinz says:

    @Tokubo: hmmmm….hot yam yeah?…that’s what u guys call it now bah?

  10. keLvin says:

    I shall be watching aka reading…y’all better bring your A-game or else…
    Yo! Dhamani..I miszz u 😦

  11. Just in case…just in case…just in case it comes down to picking ladies after the whole series is over…. Dibs on the owner of the blog.Yes Deola,I got my eyes on u. *places right index finger on right eye & right middle finger on left eye then points ’em at u*

  12. @Toxic Yam and Efo riro ;;)

    @Kelvin last time I checked, u were still on my bbm contact list… Oooops! Seems u do have a conscience 🙂

    @Everyone else abeg help me promote my website on twitter! It’s d only thing I miss doing since I deactivated and it’s affecting me badly 😦 is that too much to ask from friends? No? I shouldn’t even have to ask, don’t you think?

    😥 😥 😥

  13. papyrusczar says:

    Lol @ the peeps tryna set P with deola. I’m guna enjoy watching you guys. I’m also looking forward to this story sha…

  14. Adahna says:

    Deola….I wanna set P with you too….I called dibs since.!!!! Remember.?? (^_~)..Looking forward to RJ’s and Terdoh’s.!! 🙂

  15. […] ‘The Writer’s Roundabout’ starts today and the story starts with me! If this is your first time here or you just like carrying last, I suggest you read this and also this. […]

  16. 0laToxic says:

    But is Vick not a phool?

    Sandie, now that we have this out of the way, how we dey try see? That combo is not to be toyed with…

  17. […] leeway to do with the story as we pleased while the ball was in our court. Deola began the series here and subsequent writers were picked via ‘lucky dip’ which means noone knew when they […]

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