Where it all began …

Posted: September 5, 2011 in The Writer's Roundabout


‘The Writer’s Roundabout’ starts today and the story starts with me! If this is your first time here or you just like carrying last, I suggest you read this and also this.

Without wasting much of your time ….


Her fingers worked magic underneath the duvet. In and out they went, giving her little waves of pleasure which made her body twist. Even though she could feel herself getting there, something was missing. Something wasn’t allowing her to fully release herself. Just as she was about to add a third finger, she heard a loud knock on the door.

“Jade! Jade open this door!”

It was Shola, her best friend. She had a knack for disturbing her whenever she was having some alone time. The bad thing was that she would never leave. She always had to be called away by her new man or a new shoe sale.

“Jade, are you doing what I think you are?! Come and open this door or I will break it down!”

Jade threw the duvet off her and wore her denim cutoffs which she had thrown to the floor before she had started with herself. When she opened the door, Shola was there with a bucket of KFC and a huge tub of Blue Bunny ice cream.

“What are we celebrating now?” Jade asked as Shola moved past her and settled down on the floor in front of the TV.

“My period! I’m not pregnant!”

“We are celebrating the fact that you found your period? Wait, it was missing before?”

“Shut up and come and eat joor. I was worried that I was pregnant for that idiot I hooked up with a few weeks back. Can’t remember his name tho …”

“Do you ever remember their names? Shola, I worry about you sometimes. How many men have you slept with this week? I’m all for pleasure but babe, you gats to calm down!”

“At least I’m getting some! You nko? You will just be locking yourself up in your room with lube and porn! What happened to that cute guy you met last week? He looked so yummy!”

“He’s too tall. Besides, he was really weird. Asking me all sorts of questions and ish.”

“Jade, you always find something wrong with all the men you meet. Two weeks ago, you said the guy was too nice! When did that become a problem?”

“Shola, he was offering to buy me a new phone a week after I met him! I shall not become a Chidinma o!”

“Useless child! All I’m saying is that at least get a fuck buddy. No strings attached you know. It beats masturbating all day to Chinese gay porn!”

“I do not masturbate to Chinese gay porn!”

“Jade, what is that I see on your laptop? Two chinko men getting it on? I heard the noises from outside!”

Jade looked at her laptop and back to Shola.

“It’s just …. Nothing gets me off anymore …. I’ve tried everything … black porn, lesbian porn, latina, blowjobs even anal …”

“You don’t need porn Jade! You need a man.”

“I don’t want a man.”

“Oh, so you want me?”

“Abeg, shift Shola! You can’t get enough of dick you now want to cross the line?”

“Ah! Okay o! Let me let you know that I will rock your world”

They laughed and talked like this while munching chicken and scooping ice cream in their mouths. Jade and Shola had been best friends for 8 years. They were always there for each other, through the tears, the pain and the laughs. Even during Shola’s pregnancy scares and visits to the hospitals. In turn, Shola had decided that she would stick with Jade no matter what. She was the one who would comfort Jade when her exes would beat her or throw her out. Jade had a way with men; she always seemed to pick the wrong ones.


“Yes Shola?”

“I want you to meet someone.”

Jade immediately shook her head. She knew how this would go down. She would go on a double date with Shola and meet the ‘great’ guy. Shola would sneak off with her date to go and fuck somewhere and leave her and the guy in awkward silence. These things never ended well.

“Shola, you know. .. “

“Wait! Hear me out first! I’m not going with you on this one. I figured you could meet him alone.”

“So he can rape and use me for money ritual ba?”

“No! Look, he’s a guy I met and when I put the moves on him, he declined. I mean, he gave me the whole ‘special’ person speech. That should count for something!”

Jade stood up and started cleaning up the mess they made. She was unusually silent. Maybe I should give it a try, she thought. She needed to get out more. She was very tired of watching two grown men fuck while she touched herself.



“Yes what?”

“When do I meet him?”


Want to know what happens next? All that depends on the next writer …

So who goes next?


RJ (@ChykElfarooq_RJ)

Come back here same time, Thursday to read what RJ is going to spin with this tale …..

Have a great day! 😀

  1. Noice!! ***am first to comment, dancing alanta***

  2. Hian!!! And RJ is next? LOL!! I seriously can’t wait 😀

  3. Chinese gay porn though 😐

  4. @edgothboy says:

    Walahi! Konji bai da kyau. Me wannan? Ta na tapa durin ta? Duniya yanzun ya rasa da kunya. Ama na ji balain dadin wannan post din. Mallam RJ, ina jiran naka.

  5. Kemmiiii says:

    Chinese gay porn tho.
    Oh well. Looking foward to how this plays out.

  6. terdoh says:

    Jade is a dirty girl. I like nasty, but this is just tooo dirty.

    I’ll explain.

    Jade was doing the DJ with her VJ, and her roommaate came in with KFC bucket, and she could not wash her hands before pouncing on the chicken ba?


  7. ThinkTank says:

    Sex. Nudity. Violence. Strong language.


    Ladies and gentlemen, Let’s go crazy shall we?

    *evil laugh*

  8. Germain says:

    Interesting hope no one messes up the fun later

  9. samsie. says:

    Why didn’t I get an email?hian!
    I’m very interested in this gist o..
    Lesbian girls that’s how they will end up.

  10. @bossikeh says:

    i can’t even stand regular chinese porn, not to even talk of chinese gay porn. Jade has issues. Next step for her is bestiality.

  11. thatifygirl says:

    The only thing I could take out of this is Chinese gay porn. Chinese gay porn. And then some Chinese gay porn. I will not sleep well tonight. 😦

  12. I was gonna say ‘gay porn though?’ But err well…Jade. Sola. Jadesola?! Is this deliberate?
    Good job!

  13. Phunke says:

    Na wa for dis Jade geh sha.

  14. FreshPrinz says:

    Deola, the thirst is with u. *tosses her a banana :D*

  15. freakyjoangeL says:

    @Terdoh i was thinking the same damn thang!!!
    Can’t wait to see what RJ would spin up!!

  16. keLvin says:

    Beautiful dee..just Beautiful

  17. mfonox says:

    Nice read

  18. Andhiii says:

    This is lovely.

  19. 0latoxic says:


    So Jade spiced up her chicken with VJ juice, yeah? Hmm, I should try that som…. Okay, never mind. But dis one wey Dee don start dis tin wit konji tins lyk dis. And I know RJ is not going to help matters. Hmm…

    Is it too late to back out now? *shudder*

  20. Genesis says:

    Lol! I noticed she didn’t wash her hands before addressing the chicken also. Eww Ewwwww EWWWWWWWWWW. And as for chinese gay porn? ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

  21. tobz says:

    At least, she didn’t masturbate with hammer.

  22. mo says:

    I thought of the same thing @terdoh very dirty girl.so she ate with her smelling and dirty hand no wonder she can find a man disgusting stuff..anyway looks like its gonna b interesting let’s hope the next writer doesn’t dull us.

  23. papyrusczar says:

    I’m looking forward to the next post (Y)

  24. radiokiller says:

    …….Nice!! Chike will disgor dis whole ish up!!

  25. I’m really scared… and I’m not joking!

  26. Hahaha gay porn? Chineses gay porn? I can’t even watch porn!! 😦 well I’m underaged sef! Sha this is nice 🙂 the only problem is I’ll be in school for the remaining posts 😦

  27. Hahaha!Nice Deola… Just a heads-up,what ever y’all read in the sequel just know this… I’m a fresh kid. I’m not Razz. 🙂

  28. afrosays says:

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with this.
    Thanks for surprising me D33!

    You have no idea how excited I am to be on this.
    I solemnly swear to be evil!


  29. d3ola says:

    OMG I never expected this much response to it! Thank you guys so muccch!!!
    Two questions tho …
    1. Why does everyone assume that she didn’t wash her hands before she started eating? Just cos i didn’t write it doesn’t mean she didnt do it …
    2. She was masturbating to Chinese gay porn because she had tried everything else. I put that instead of lesbian and black porn because that’s very common. Her masturbating to chinese gay porn shows that her case is serious.

    I’m looking forward to what RJ is going to send me.

  30. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Looking forward to the next…. But y d name jade???

  31. olacious says:

    Nice….I sha tink that the new dude will be the one!!!can’t wait for d concluding part sha

  32. *quiet applause* Good stuff so far. Looking forward to what this turns into…

  33. Lola x says:

    Loved this story!!!!!! Hurry up and post the next one pleassse!!!

  34. Seyi says:

    For real? I already love this series. I’m expectant. \\(^___^)//

  35. Daisy says:

    Nice. Looking for forward to how it plays out.

  36. 0latoxic says:

    All these useless people just want to yamayama this thing for the next person. Why Evils nah?! *sign of the cross*

  37. lade says:

    Haha. Chinese gay porn 😥

  38. Bodaline says:

    I need a Shola in my life rite now. Looking forward to the next post..

  39. I just pity all of you waiting for the next post… Smh

  40. GreyWorth says:

    Wow!! Nvr took ds cweus til ds moment..nw i cnt wait fr d nxt..pls i nid full update on ds..btw
    Gay Chinesse Porn? Wow!!
    Wuld rili lurv 2 knw wah nxt.

  41. Ms_Anee says:

    Chinese gay porn…..

  42. 😦 chike is writing the next post *sigh* he is going to turn it upside down o…lol

  43. okem_daniels says:

    Can’t even imagine chinese men doing eachoda..kinda weird

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  46. obi_jay says:

    issokay! last carrier as usual. 😦

    Nice post!

  47. dicey says:

    I av a feeling the writer masturbates. Cos u know what sort of kinks go on in there. I don’t watch porn. I read it. And I av gone from lesbian to bestial to incestous to gay. I wld never do that in real life tho. I just read it to get my rocks off. Yeah, shame on me.

  48. […] us? @d3ola: umm, I wouldn’t wanna take much of your time. You could just check my blog for details. Its great. Alota amazing writers included. @ChykElfarooq_RJ: So fellas, visit her blog here and […]

  49. laiwola11 says:

    Yuck! I’ll stick with tox…all this pu**y talk’s ”disvirgining”(any word lyk dat?)…but seriously i’ll luv 2 meet u guys…maybe on twitter…sure to connect!:-D

  50. 'More says:

    Official number 1 last carrier!

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