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Wow!!! First off, I want to thank everyone for all the comments, criticisms and most of all love. I never knew it would go this big! And arent even half way done, we still have 6 more writers left!!!

For you guys that said the story is disjoint or it doesn’t make sense, I would like for you to read Wole’s comment on his post:

‘Just a quick comment for those that think the stories are too vastly different in tone and style and therefore somewhat incoherent – that’s the point!

There is no theme, no tone, no limitation, no rule, no boundary and each writer chooses how much logic (or lack thereof) they wish to have. So buckle up ladies and gentlemen, its going to be a wild and bumpy ride!’

If you have no idea why you are here, or this is your first time orrr you just like carrying last, click here to read the other posts by me, RJ and Wole.

Up next, we have the wonderful Sandra a.k.a Sandie Pandie. Enjoy!!!


Jade stared at Kat for 30 seconds before making any move that would signify she was ready.

“What do you need to know?” Jade asked still horrified by the sight of the tongue and teeth that now sat on the floor, staring at her.

“Forgive my manners dear, how was the sex? I mean, with late Sadiq” Kat asked sarcastically.

For a moment there, Jade remembered the terrible scene of how Sadiq died and almost puked. The way his head split open, like an angry grandfather aggressively opening a coconut. She still had the blood stains all over, obviously! She hadn’t changed clothes; she had no freaking idea of where she was. All she wanted to do was go home and forget this night happened, like this night was a dream, a fable. She stared at Shola with pity, all this for a man they never knew for more than a day. What was Shola even thinking when she came up with the idea?  How did the thought of meeting a stranger and the whole true love parable come to play?

“It was torturous” Jade replied, “He was rough”

“Ah! I see! Too bad too bad” Kat said looking away.

“How did Shola lose her tongue?” Jade asked curiously

“I alone ask the questions here young woman” Kat said staring at Jade

“Sorry, but I think I deserve…” Jade was saying

“Well if you must know,” Kat squatted to whisper to Jade “It had to be done, and I’d do the same if the need be” She snorted

Right there and then, Jade was sure she wouldn’t come out of this mess alive, at least, not without super natural powers of some sort. She looked at Shola again and didn’t like what she was seeing. Shola needed quick medical attention but that was unnecessary since she was practically half dead. With her tongue out, she had definitely lost a lot of blood.

“What do you want?” Jade asked with tears in her eyes. This was too much for a night.

“I need Sadiq’s bank account details, he must have given you a key to his hidden treasure” Kat said folding her arms

“Sadiq had an account?” Jade asked in surprise

“What do you mean by that?” Kat asked in a high pitched tone

“The man I met a few hours ago could not even speak English” Jade started. “And if you really need me to give you any information, you should be talking to Ibrahim who we already know is dead or even Shola who unfortunately you’ve rendered useless” she concluded.

“Shit!” Kat fumed.

“So you shagged a man you barely knew and by barely, I mean less than 6 hours? How convenient!”

“You’re judging me now? You can’t be serious!” Jade spat out angrily.

She knew different ways in which people could call her a slut but by being sarcastic, that was way out of line. Her life was much more pleasant watching pornography and masturbating. Where was Shola to even explain herself?

She sighed.

Only then did she see Kat coming close to her that she started to worry.

“What now?” she asked in fear

“What not?” Kat retorted. “May I just remind you that I have your life at my finger tips and I will do whatever!”  Kat continued “That detail is more important to me than the air you breathe you fool”

Jade shook in fear and then realized she had no wristwatch on, no earrings, no phones, nothing she could use as a leverage or anything to harm Kat. Was this a cover up for something? Why would Kat go all through this for just Sadiq’s account details? No, there was more to this. There just had to be.

She was better off a prisoner at the moment. She hated her life right now, her sex ruined life. If she had just joined the S.U movement in school, all these would not be happening. She looked at Shola and realized she was gasping for air.

“What’s going on?” Jade asked

“She’s dying” Kat responded absent mindedly

“Dying? What do you mean dying?” Jade asked, still making frantic efforts to free herself and revive Shola.


“Please do something Kat! You can’t just let her die. She has everything you need!!!!” Jade pleaded.

What was she going to do, say? What would be her lifelong excuse if Shola died?

“Shola please stay with me! Please stay!” Jade yelled with tears in her eyes.


All this for a bank account? Well, what will the next writer do? And who is the next writer?

Tobi (yes i have yoruba friends) helped me to select the next writer

Tobi picking the name out of the calabasAnd the writer is ....

And the next writer is …


Head back here Wednesday by 9:30 to know what Terdoh shall do with this story! I cannot wait!!!!

Have a great day!!! 

  1. Ahh.. just for account details? Anyways Terdoh spin this for me, would ya..

  2. gboukzi says:

    Can I be a guest writer too?!

  3. Nice twist Sandie… (Y)
    🙂 Terdoh up next…

  4. I escaped Terdoh! Thank you Jesus!

  5. Mz_Shadee says:

    Sandie’s story is too short joo.

    Yaaaaayyy. Terdoh’s next.

  6. @Wumie says:

    Last carrier,*now going to read previous posts* 😦

  7. kennibal says:

    Terdoh! Terdoh!! Terdoh!!! *in a crowd’s voice*

    Well written story but no surprises like the previous ones

  8. ibetapassmynebo says:

    hmmm . . Dem neva kill jade. . .cool cool. . .

  9. obi_jay says:

    issokay! Shola shd just die. what’s life without a tongue and ur teeth? its as good as death….@terdoh, don’t dull o! we’re waiting!

  10. @FoluShaw says:



    No matter how this goes, its gonna be a really good one.


  11. terdoh says:

    Una no go kill me with pressure oh…

  12. lade says:

    Terdoh!!!!!!!! Something twisted.

  13. OOkpoechi says:

    nice work sandie. can’t wait to see wat terdoh’ll do with the story.

  14. freshprinz says:

    Nicely written short story. Explained the end of the last one & gives the next writer some wiggle room. *now calling my babalawo, I shall not write after terdoh*

  15. 0latoxic says:

    And the dreaded Terdoh (tautology abi, terror that he is) is up! After seeing what Wole did with Chike’s ending, I no even send again. Anybody wey wan dey before me mek dem dey, I stand gidigba! Hehehe

  16. Aha!Something a lil serious 😦

  17. ThinkTank says:

    Ok then. Terdoh! Another round of madness coming up. I foresee an alien abduction and anal probing in Jades near future…

  18. Won’t be surprised if Terdoh turns Kat and Jade into lesbians and someone wakes up from a very strange dream…
    Sandie played safe with this one. I see u girl!

  19. *pointing at Terdoh and laughing*

    For bank account? Na wah oh! See sense. You killed the owner of the account and you’re torturing someone else. Olodo oshi!

  20. yayafinesse says:

    Boo of life z nxt! Cnt w8!

  21. terdoh!!! hmmm…. *looking for the nearest bunker*

  22. rachelle says:

    Terdoh yaayyy!!!

  23. Daisy says:

    I dunno about this piece. It didn’t really leave the previous storyline, just added the words bank account details to it, my opinion anyway ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯ Anyhow, looking forward to Terdoo’s.

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