The End or Not

Posted: September 14, 2011 in The Writer's Roundabout

Hey y’all!!!!

Today there shall be no post.

I got you!!!
I dare not post today! I can already feel the sniper rifles on my back!

Straight to business! If  you have no idea what you are doing here or you if you want to read previous posts orrrr you are carrying a very heavy last, click here to read previous entries by me, RJ, Wole and Sandra.


“She’s dying” Kat responded absent mindedly

“Dying? What do you mean dying?” Jade asked, still making frantic efforts to free herself and revive Shola.


“Please do something Kat! You can’t just let her die. She has everything you need!!!!” Jade pleaded.

“She’s dying. There’s nothing you can do about it. Don’t bother.” Kat said. “The least you can do is pray. She died an honorable death by my standards”


“Will you at least tell me how she died?”

“Well she’s not dead. But she’ll soon be. She tried to blow me”.

“She what??” Jade tried to hold her head, but then realized that she was still handcuffed.

“She tried to deep throat a nigga” Kat said nonchalantly. “I warned her, but she wouldn’t listen. Told her we should wait for you to come to. Cos you bumped your head pretty hard when I…uhm, when I ‘kidnapped’ both of you”

“Wait. How could she…why do you call yourself a nig…who are you?”

“I’m Katt bitch! Katt Williams!!”

“But Katt Williams is a dude. You’re a woman. It just doesn’t make any sense”

Do I look like a bitch to you?

“You really did bump your head really hard. I’ll explain everything.

You see, when you were in the car getting your destiny rammed out, and your womanhood expanded to the size of a black hole, your screams got to the ears of Shola. She called me, and asked me to come to your rescue, because she didn’t know what to do with Sadiq and Ibrahim. I was asked to take them both out. I did my job. My reward was supposed to be a 3-way, with you and Shola”

“…say what now??”

“Will you shut up and listen?!!” Katt yelled, pushing his hair behind his ear. “My reward was supposed to be a three-some with you both. But she couldn’t wait till you became conscious. So she started getting busy with me. I didn’t mind, but I still wanted my collective pussy. It was in the process of blowing me that she tried to deep throat, choked, coughed, bit her tongue, and passed out.” He said calmly, holding her tongue and blooded teeth.

“Too bad though. That was some good head”.

“But if she just cut off her tongue, why is there so much blood?” Jade asked trying to think straight.

Katt kicked a bottle of ketchup; half empty, her way, and pointed to a bowl of hot sauce.

“It’s not all blood. Most of it is, but not all of it. Your friend was pretty kinky. She’s probably there swallowing the blood oozing from her tongue. That’s what I call a fucking blood cycle!” He laughed hysterically.

Jade thought about it for a really long time. He had stopped laughing. The silence was palpable. Then she finally spoke;

“I really thought you were a woman. You would have made a beautiful woman”

“I got that a lot when I was in jail. That’s why I grew the moustache. I guess you didn’t see it, cos your vision was blurred. The jumpsuit didn’t help either. And I heard you’ve been going hard on Chinese porn. That would have helped in the mis-perception.” He sighed.

“Now look! I don’t have time to waste! What is his bank account number??” Katt said agitatedly.

“I told you I don’t have it! Why do you need it anyway?”

“Well, since I ain’t getting no plural pussy, I might as well get paid for my sharp shooting. I didn’t rescue you for nothing. But I’m guessing half head is better than none…”

With that, he whipped out his dick and dropped it…literally. It fell to the ground with a loud thud and created a crack in the cement that spread to Jade’s seat.

She fainted.

When she stirred, it was to a familiar sensation. She remembered this feeling, it wasn’t too long ago. It felt like an electric pole was being rammed into her…it felt like…like Sadiq!

She woke up and saw Katt wildly ramming into her, moaning curses to native deities and speaking parables in Swahili. Her back was on something soft. A bed? A stretcher? She didn’t care. She was getting some. For once, she actually enjoyed it. Size really did matter, and it had been ages since she felt this good. Thrust after thrust and she began to feel herself reaching climax. Her hands were still cuffed, but they were in a new position, above her head. She tried to speak, but her mouth was gagged. Everything was so expertly done that it was obvious Katt was no beginner rapist.

He enjoyed his ‘work’.

He removed the gag when he realized his victim was conscious, partly because he wanted to hear her screams. And partly because he wanted her to stay alive till he was done. Ramming her while she was unconscious was good. Ramming her while she was dead was not. He was no necrophiliac. That was his father’s reputation. Not his. He had ‘pride’.

He kept on going for 45 minutes straight. She must have climaxed 5 times before he finally had his orgasm. He stooped and planted a kiss on her forehead. She loved it. He had a sick twisted smile that showed a glint of appreciation. He stood up, and with the smile painted on his face said;

“Thank you darling. It’s been a while since I bust a nut.”

He helped her get on her feet, and she realized she was a head taller than him. How he had managed to kidnap two females with this physique was a mystery. He tiptoed to kiss her on the lips and that was when she felt it.

The cold steel in her side, and the smile that played on his lips made her know that he was done with her. He pulled out the shank and let her slide to the ground. Then bent over her and created a deep incision just below her palm.

“That should do it. Too bad…too bad. That was some good pussy”

The phone rang and he walked over to it, wiping the blood off the blade with his tongue.

“Hello? Yes……..she’s dead………No I didn’t get the account number………..yes, both of them should be on hell’s queue by now…..Good. I’ll be there soon.”

He kicked at Jade’s side to make sure she was completely done for, and then walked out lighting a cigarette and biting into a sponge cake. There was a distinctive click after he switched off the lights that indicated that he was gone.
“Dear Lord what have I done? How did I get Jade in this mess. How am I gonna get off this floor? I feel so weak”

Those were the thoughts that passed through Shola’s head before she passed out again…



What’s going to happen now?

My friend Ibiso picked the next writer out of the calabash

And the next writer is …..

Onyinye @nwaokpoechi

Head back here on Friday at 9:30 to know whether we should prepare for a funeral or not ….

Have a great day!!!

  1. OOkpoechi says:

    My heart and my soul!

  2. BoukkieO says:

    Chai!! Terdoh!!

    But the gods have heard my cry sha… 😀

  3. Genesis says:

    What the actual fuck?! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!! Kai, kai, kai! Terdoh IS “THE” Problem I swear sideways. 😀

  4. @TheRealAdonye says:

    LMAO.. Katt nwa Williams is a badt guy.. Who was he speaking with btw?
    Onyinye, U are next sha..

  5. Kevmeister says:

    phew* Almost thought this post was never gonna come, and wow! Katt Williams? Terdoh u slimy fuck!!! CMH…I noticed a new character at the end…now I patiently wait the next story…Good job Terdoh…

  6. yaya says:

    It tot d oda gal was shola nt sade! Oh well

  7. Deola says:

    Made a mistake when editing! Its Shola o not Sade! I’ve corrected it!

    Sorry y’all!

  8. Kevmeister says:

    And wait!!! Hold up!!! Shola no wan gree die?!!!

  9. SlevinCalevra says:

    This Terdoh’s just mad! Katt Williams uhn?!
    Lwkm!!! Oh My God!!! Like nigga whatt?!
    You didn’t make it as difficult for the next writer as I expected though. Why pity(s)?
    Let’s see what Oyinye does with this. Nice spin (y).
    Personally I’m glad ’em two bitches are dead. I would’ve killed ’em if it was me too…

  10. rachelle says:

    Father forgive Terdoh for he knows wat he’s doing!!Lol…But this Jade girl ehn…

  11. Nutella says:

    But who is Sade at the end part of the story? We have been warned it doesn’t have to make sense sha.
    Nice twist Terdoh.

  12. terdoh says:

    There actually is a new character…

  13. SlevinCalevra says:

    “With that, he whipped out his dick and dropped it…literally. It fell to the ground with a loud thud and created a crack in the cement that spread to Jade’s seat.

    She fainted.”


  14. Katt Williams is my nigga, this shit right here!! dis shit right here…….

  15. ibetapassmynebo says:

    lol. . .interesting. .

  16. Terdoh is a problem…kai u hav issues!

  17. Hahaha!! No one man should have all that dick lenght..

  18. isetfiretotherain says:

    I personally think Terdoh could have done better. You have it in you, you were probably playing too safe or trying to meet the craziness people expected of your story that you kinda didn’t quite do it.

    Anyway, it was mildly entertaining. (y)

  19. papyrusczar says:

    Lol Terdoh didn’t disappoint :d Onyinye… Good luck lol

  20. TheForce says:

    KAT sure loves pussy

  21. chisom says:

    This is all so twisted. I like the first part of this series.

  22. Mz_Shadee says:

    Terdoh pls DM Kat’s bb pin and fone number. Thank u 😀 ^_^

  23. taiofierce says:

    Lol! Now this is just hillarious but Katt Williams tho ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

  24. kennibal says:

    Terdoh! Terdoh!! Terdoh!!! Did not dissapoint. Nice twist! :D. This right here is the sh—t!

  25. annie says:

    OMG Terdoh! LoL! Nyc piece tho

  26. I liked this one too!
    Shola can’t die na,actor nefa dies jo!She’ll probably run into a group of gorillas having their august meeting while escaping from wherever Katt kept her.

  27. I liked this one too!
    Shola can’t die na,actor nefa dies jo!She’ll probably run into a group of gorillas having their august meeting while escaping from wherever Katt kept her.

  28. yemijohnson says:

    hmmm, kat williams is terdoh in real life…… thats all

  29. obi_jay says:

    cool…dat kat guy is on madt check joor.

  30. thatifygirl says:

    *sigh* Trust Terdoh to completely damage this story though.
    And my library membership too. Now, I have to look for a new study venue.
    “Constituting a nuisance in the library” All because I was reading this story. 😦

  31. Kemmiiii says:

    Lmao!! Terdoh!!
    Katt Williams! Really??

  32. 0latoxic says:

    Terdoh,………. ….. ………


  33. lade says:

    😥 why??????????? Blood of Jesus. I sanctify this blog page (and Terdoh) with the blood. Terdoh is sick.

  34. terdoh says:

    Oh wow. Thanks guys!

  35. gboukzi says:

    Niiice!! A li’l lack of depth but nice all the same!

  36. Terdoo, I’m tired of inquiring into your mental health.

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