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Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the Writer’s Roundabout! We are in the last and final week and I’m glad you all stuck through it all! Thank you all so much for all the love and support you all showed me! I really appreciate it!

Too lazy to help you carry last, so here is the link  to the other posts in the series written by me and the other talented writers.

Now we have @Olatoxic…..


…As the red infrared beam passed over Jade’s eye on the way to her forehead something remarkable happened…

She remembered.

She remembered her parents handing her over, at the tender age of six, to the TaiGon monks who had come visiting the lonely hills of Jos. She remembered the gruelling training she had undergone in the Himalayan Mountains to ensure she fulfilled the purpose for which she had been born. She would save her people from the black plague that was to come. She remembered that she would have to suppress all this highly lethal knowledge until ‘the appointed time’ when her skills and training would be required to come to the fore again. At the age of 18, beautiful and yet lethal, she was ready to be reabsorbed into society sans the skills she had worked so hard to learn. She would live a normal life oblivious of her calling and skills until it was time for her to reveal herself and save her people. Thus, through the ancient TaiGon mystics, her masters had put that very powerful part of her brain to sleep…  until now.

It had been an unlikely series of implausible events but it had indeed occurred. With the passing of that beam over her eye, Jade remembered the truth about who she really was and why she was here. For it was long ago written…

The happy men from the east

Shall set her on her journey

To tame the savage beast

The one they call Horny

Once, she would shout

Twice penetrated

Thrice she would black-out

Severally incarcerated

When the will to live

Has lost all its meaning

Then the red light she’ll see

And then, awakening

A small sound brought Jade back to the present and with speed that belied all her previous naivety, she reacted purely from instinct and pivoting on her right heel, spun in a 720 degree cycle that left her in a crouch facing Sadiq’s legendary crotch. She had dodged the deadly lead pellet that had just gone through the very spot in which her head had been only a split-second before. Without sparing even a second to allow Sadiq recover from the shock of seeing a forlorn, konjified and helpless Jade transform into a lethal whirling dervish, Jade launched her left flattened out palm upward and forward in a hard chop dispossessing Sadiq of his silenced pistol. She grabbed his still outstretched wrist and launched a kick powerful enough to have crippled a rhinoceros to his left jaw. She half expected to see his head rolling across the now-charred earth but instead a she heard a loud, unexpected…


Sadiq didn’t utter a wince, not even a grimace from what should have been excruciating pain, just that straight, straight face. Jade leapt back at the horror of the realization now dawning upon her: This was not the same Sadiq that had driven her very core rolling over mountains and seas in waves of pleasure and pain. Could Sadiq have been somehow transformed into a cyborg after Kat(t) had killed him?! This was certainly not the man that had pleasured her only a few days ago. Heck! This was no human! Jade began to notice little things- like that he hadn’t spoken a single word since he’d resurfaced. He hadn’t shown any emotion whatsoever so far and how he moved just a tad mechanically in certain parts of his body.


But who would do this to Sadiq and why? Before she could figure any of this out, another mystery presented itself. Something strange was happening. Sadiq (or whatever he now was) wasn’t moving but then again, he was. He seemed to be having… A Hard-On! His schlong was becoming so hard and so long and so strong that it didn’t seem like his bloodied pants could hold it in any longer. The fabric finally gave way, ripping at the crotch area to reveal cold hard steel with a muzzle that could spit out only one thing: hot lead! And that muzzle was pointing right at her.

Oh, the irony, it would seem that Sadiq still had the hots for Jade. The whirring sound that followed however, told her to move… and FAST!  A hail of machine gun bullets followed her trail as she ran fast as she could out of the line of fire and dove for cover behind the hulk of the car that Lagbaja and Jason had brought her here in. Sadiq continued to fire and advance towards the vehicle, a few rounds actually penetrating through only a few inches from Jade. She knew she couldn’t hide back here forever and she didn’t foresee any help coming anytime soon. She would have to sort herself out this time.  Peeking out at the advancing creature, she knew what she must do.

Jade dashed out from behind the car at a right angle from Sadiq. He adjusted his feet to hit her but she didn’t appear to be running in a straight line. She was running in a circle around him. Halting his fire in order not to waste ammo, he adjusted some more, but she was moving too fast, which made him adjust yet a little more. As this went on, Sadiq didn’t seem to notice that his target was not running in any simple circle, but in circles, concentric circles, bringing her closer to her assailant. Passing close to where R and B still lay, she executed a ‘dive, roll and stand’ move perfectly, picking the weapon B had used to take ‘Gayson Gerulo’ out and stopped dead in her tracks facing Sadiq. Even as he trained his huge, erect penis at her and began firing again, she leapt forward at the man in a somersault that saw her sailing over his line of fire and landed atop the phallus that had sought her out for so long. It held her up quite easily, didn’t even seem to bend under her weight in the least bit. Pointing her weapon in his face, she spoke to him or it.


Sadiq looked up in her face and all she could see was a blank, hollow expression that told her Sadiq’s mind, soul and spirit were long gone from his body. All that was left was this lethal husk of flesh and metal. From her vantage point, she could see into his skull at the wires, receptors and pieces of metal that crisscrossed in, over and out of his brain.

There would be no answers from this one.

She shot into the ugly mass inside his cranium and as she executed a back-flip off the big dick, she triggered the shock waves that would fry the cyborg’s circuits and put an end to the nightmare that Sadiq had become.

With a huge sigh of relief, Jade got up slowly to her feet. She discarded the weapon and swiveled round to walk into the destiny she had been prepared for and there standing calmly watching her stood Shola!

She gawked in shock at the sexy, black-leather clad woman standing in front of her and knew immediately that there stood the source of or the remedy to all her problems.

“Well done, my friend. You have finally awoken”

In a barely audible voice, Jade asked “How are you alive?!”

Walking towards her best friend, Shola explained “Jade… or rather, Telula, you have something inside you that we have been trying to protect for a very long time. As you must recall now, we could not just inform you of who you truly were. If you were not awoken in the specific way in which you were supposed to, your powers would have been lost forever, damning your people who await your return.”

Jade “These things I know, tell me what I don’t. I saw your corpse, Jason confirmed you were dead. How do you come to stand before me now?”

Shola replied “I was planted by the TaiGon to watch and protect you. Sadiq was supposed to come begin your awakening process but we found out midway that he was a double agent for our enemies, the ones you were born to vanquish, Boko Haram!

“Sadiq’s true intention was to kill you before you could achieve the purpose for which you were prepared. Kat(t) who was your secondary protection, got wind of this and stepped in just in time. We could not have you any wiser and so we had to find a way to continue the awakening process. I could not be in the picture any longer and so it had to look like I’d been gotten rid of. What you thought was a corpse was only a pile of Jason’s chicken gourmet leftovers and the tongue and teeth Kat(t) showed you were, in reality, Sadiq’s. Boko Haram must have retrieved his body, made the enhancements you just discovered and reassigned him to your case. Jason was another double agent who was supposed to complete your awakening process but instead invited Lagbaja, also Boko, to finish you off. He had that little accident with the car and R’n’B were sent in to awaken you after disposing of Jason but our old endowed friend had to make his come back then. The rest you know.” She finished, gesturing towards the empty shell that was once Sadiq’s body.

Jade looked straight into her friend’s eyes and said “All that seems to make sense. But answer me this one question:

“Why do you have a bomb strapped around your breasts? Or did you expect me to believe you had miraculously gone from A-cup to double Ds overnight?!”….


This one na serious action feem o! Hian!

Well, the end is near and we have @FreshPrinzVick to help us with that!

Head back here on Friday at 9:30 to know how the movie finally ends!!!

Have a great day!!!

  1. papyrusczar says:

    Asin you go fear Alias/Nikita movements oh

  2. Ngufy says:

    Bravo! Just Bravo. U killed this Olatoxic! Im so excited once again!
    Im outta words, maybe ill come back and drop a note on d events…

    Nice, they way U brought real life happenings like Jos and Boko Haram into d picture tho! Lol

    • 0latoxic says:

      🙂 I was actually going to bring in MI (think ‘Action Film’) and maybe 2baba too. MI actually thanks a Jade (that I want to assume is his Jos fam) on the 2nd to last track on Talk About It and I was gonn link it all up but it would’ve gotten weird and a little too long so I just let it be.

      Besides, I wanted to take pity on VickLemonPlus, didn’t want it to be too hard for him to finish it all up. Sadly, he’s terrible at showing appreciation so…

  3. mikistones says:

    Lmao. Ok 2nd best after Wole’s. And that prophecy was ill yo.

  4. Misunderstoodsmind says:

    bravo, brravooo…..@olatoxic i like this, u have done really well with this, at least now we are less confused about a lot of things…ok yayyy cant wait for the last one…woooop! 😀

  5. OOkpoechi says:

    Hahahaha! Nice one

  6. Honey_wealth says:

    God Bless you Olatoxic. finally some sense!!!!!! i think after think tank i got bored, lets hope FreshPrinzVick can do some justice to the the final piece.

  7. @dtwistednerd says:


  8. rachelle says:

    BoKO HARAM Lwkmd!!Nice one!!

  9. The 13th Alchemist says:

    See. Now that we know its all a Tarantino flick the build up and the weirdness make sense.

    Correct action feem sturvings. (Y)

  10. FoluShaw says:

    Toks is Bad muthafucker!!!!

    Bad I tell U!


  11. afrosays says:

    I am tired. Sigh!
    This thing is like watching a Dr. Suess cartoon.

  12. Genesis says:

    Wait. Delivered to her parents in Jos, yet she trained on the Himalayas? O_o … Lemme gaan finish reading. Issokay.

  13. blaqwyne says:

    At long last,this is worth reading. Nice piece!

  14. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Hmmmm. . . Ola (y)

  15. terdoh says:

    *kneels in prayer*

    Dear heavenly father, bless me with talent enough to write stories like this Toxic virgin chairman. Bless his weed man Lord. Also, help us appreciate this work of art for what it really is…

    Amen. O:)

  16. Genesis says:

    …And from here —-▶ “..A small sound brought Jade back to the present and with speed that belied all her previous naivety…” The Mission Impossible theme song started playing in my head. Great Read! And the bullet spitting D? 😀 ◀—- That was just Kponronjizzmic! 😀

  17. U pple haven’t finished wiv d madness eh? Nice one Toks

  18. keLvin says:

    Trust my fam to always bring it.
    Yo Tox, Sir Branson ain’t got nuthin’ on you son. And the way you mentioned ‘schlong’ and stuff, that was gangsturr yo! And this piece right hurr, this piece right hurr is healing to our streets (ok that’s just gibberish)
    And I’m trusting Lemon boy is gonna murderlize it on friday and bring it to an orgasmic end.

    By the way, you just had to make it easy for him by ending with Double-D’s..his favorite (now we are going to read an epistle on breasts) ah well..

  19. Kemmiiii says:

    RT @Terdoh.
    Very lovely Toxic Virgin.

  20. Dharmie_O says:

    I love love love this piece 😀 correct action The prophecy self dey haha.

  21. @trafels says:

    From a “gay chinese porn” lover to an ‘ass kicking priestess’ …its all good 🙂

  22. thatifygirl says:

    This was my best!!!! 😀
    Let’s get married, Toxic and have virgin kids together!!!

  23. highlandblue says:

    Lol. Ola did well to answer all the questions just as the story seemed to be unravelling. It ties in well with Coco’s portayal of Jade not being scared. I loved the poem. Nice…

  24. I am dazed. Pacing was on point, which is the hardest thing in action pieces. Mr Toxic I want your special weed.

    I also cackled at the bullet shooting dick, not so far from reality. -_-

  25. The Action just slayed me. Anyone who can write a good action sequence is a genius.

  26. Ro33ah says:

    Luvd it. Totally luvd this bit

  27. kennibal says:

    I had stop quarter-way into my lunch while reading this. Great piece right here! :D. Everything is on point. Toxic (Y) (Y) (Y)

  28. 0latoxic says:

    Should have done this a long time ago: Thanks so much for all the encouragement and appreciation, I truly appreciate it *bowing from waist*

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  30. Ok, just came back here to observe that my comment is missing. WordPress? 😦

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