The End

Posted: September 30, 2011 in The Writer's Roundabout


We have finally come to the end of the Writer’s Roundabout. 😦

It has been a loooong and twisting journey and I thank you all for sticking through this with all the crazy writer’s I had involved.

Special shout-out to the writers who helped me on this project! I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this! I couldn’t have done anything without you guys – Rj, Wole, Sandra,Terdoh, Onyinye, Bukky, Banx, Coco, Jibola and Olatoxic.

I suggest you read the previous posts before this one or you may just be a little bit lost.

Now on to the grand finale by Victor @FreshPrinzVick


Telula stared hard at Shola. Waiting for an answer. Praying to God that her suspicions were baseless and there was a plausible reason for Shola’s increased bust size. She desperately wanted all this to end. The lies, the deceit, the horny perverts with monstrous dicks.

She was tired of it all. She just wanted to soak in bath tub filled with strawberry scented warm water.

But it wasn’t over. Not yet.

“Errhm…I got a…a boob job. Yeah, got myself my own McSteamy to inflate these little pompoms”.


The real Shola hated Grey’s Anatomy. There was absolutely no way in hell she would use a character’s nickname in a random conversation. Telula doubted she’d even know the difference between Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs. ‘Its just a bunch of doctors cutting people up everyday. Blood gore and dead people. How do you even enjoy this rubbish’. That had been her response the last time Telula had sought to coax her into watching an entire episode with her.

With lightening speed she sought to raise her gun, but even in that half a second Shola was just as fast in bringing out her own previously concealed weapon. They stood facing each other gun’s drawn, fore-fingers locked on the trigger. It felt like a scene from one of the old western movies. The Good, the bad and the ugly perhaps.

At that instant Jade noticed three cars driving towards their direction. Somehow she had a feeling that they would not be on her side. She had to think fast, act fast. She squeezed the trigger and dived to the left simultaneously, ducking behind a stack of cement. She didn’t know if the shot had hit Shola or not. She tried to peek over the makeshift and Shola took a shot at her. She smiled, Shola was bleeding on her left shoulder. She was human after all and not another cyborg like Sadiq. She leaned her back against the low wall of cement. She needed to devise a plan. Quickly.

She made a dash for the uncompleted building behind her, losing her cover temporarily. She heard the bullets whiz past her, but she knew not to worry. Her earlier shot had caught Shola’s shoulder so her aim wouldn’t be so accurate.

She ran into the building, ducked underneath a workman’s makeshift scaffolding, ran up a flight of stairs to the first floor. She found the nearest window and looked down at the cars that had finally arrived. She fired off a few shots at the fuel tank of the nearest car, an old Peugeot 504.


At the fourth shot it burst into flames raising the car at least ten feet in the air while the other occupants of the two cars and Shola ran for cover.

She smiled, the odds were a little less daunting. She’d counted four remaining men clad in all black and she suspected that they’d be running up the stairs in no time. She prepared to welcome them. She tried to steady her breathing as she hid behind the side of the stairway. Watching, waiting.

The first two idiots came running noisily, she could have killed them off with her eyes closed. She fired. The first man went down but as she pulled the trigger a second time she heard only a ‘click’ sound. Fuck!! She had run out of ammo. She was finally screwed, she threw the gun hard as she could at her assailant and it hit him at his solar plexus. He went down instantly.

She ducked just in time as the bullet from the third guy hit a spot on the wall where her face had been a fraction of a second earlier.

She waited. Outnumbered, out of ammunition, sweaty palmed and heart racing but not scared. Not scared at all. She wouldn’t scramble and hide in terror. No. She was born for this.

She raised both hands in mock surrender as they reached the top of the stairs.

“Keep your hands up. No sudden movements!” The first one shouted.

Telula winked at the man, smiling.

“Okay, big boy. Just relax.”

“Turn around slowly and keep your hands where I can see them at all times and like I said, no sudden movements! Our mistress would rather have your pathetic life preserved for reasons I cannot understand.”

She turned slowly but as she did she noticed one guard drop his gun while trying to unhook his handcuffs from his belt strap.


She dropped her left hand on the floor and pushed against it, using the momentum to propel her into the air. She twisted her body as she did a cyclone kick. Whack , gun, Whack , head. She continued the motion with the momentum, pirouette.

That was one. The other stared with wide eyes.

A gun boomed.

Missed her.

She repeated the kick.

Whack , gun, Whack head.

She landed. Perfect.

She was just about to reach for one of the guns laying on the floor when she heard movement behind her. She spun quickly and saw Shola standing there….. waiting.

Shola opened her mouth to say something but before the words were even formed Telula rushed at her. The gun spit, Telula threw herself to the left. The gun spit again. Fragments of concrete from the wall exploded into tiny pieces. Telula attacked her with a scissors kick, like a football player lining up for goal. Her foot connected with Shola’s gun and went flying across the room. It hit the wall a few yards away and fell to the floor.

They both stared at it wondering whether to go after the gun or each other. As Telula half-turned she realised she’s made a terrible mistake. Shola pulled out a second gun and aimed it at her.

“I win.” She laughed as she squeezed the trigger.

Everything seemed to go at slow motion at that point. Telula saw her shoot but rather than hear the usual resonating report of a gunshot she was hearing what sounded like the intro of a Biggie song. She closed her eyes and waited for the bullet that would end her life.

So many unanswered questions went through her mind.


*song playing in the background*

It was all a dream
I used to read Word Up magazine
Salt’n’Pepa & Heavy D up in the limousine
Hangin’ pictures on my wall
Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl
I let my tape rock ’til my tape popped
Smokin’ weed & bamboo, sippin on private stock…….

She opened her eyes to hear her alarm tone. Fuck. That was one helluva dream. She smiled as she rolled out of bed.


We have finally reached the end of this saga! I hope you all enjoyed it. I did.

With this ending, you all expect me to be writing and posting serious work here right? I wish I could but being a senior at AUN also means you do not have a life. I will be posting o …. just not as much as you guys think. Like twice or thrice a month. I’m trying my hand at poetry and you guys should expect more from me on that front. 

If you want me to write something for your blog, I will always be available. Just hit me up on twitter @d3ola

*sniff sniff* Yes I’m crying. Allow me abeg.

Thank you for being here and have a nice weekend! Oh and happy independence day in advance!

  1. Ngufy says:

    mschwww. How cliche! Y did it have to be a dream? Olatoxic should have done the finale!

  2. Kemmiiii says:

    The End 😀
    *sigh* Why do all good things come to an end?

  3. MzLucyM says:

    Kind of knew how this would end sha! Liked olatoxic’s the best tho!nyhw nyc one(y)

  4. terdoh says:

    Stop hating on the Fresh Prince…

  5. afrosays says:

    He took the easy way out!

  6. Dharmie_O says:

    *Sigh* I wish it didn’t end this way 😦

  7. papyrusczar says:

    Very good. This was the most logical end to the series. Well done!

  8. Genesis says:

    So the Past Participle of Spit is Spit huh? Cool, Cool. I’m getting you. ( ._.) …Love the spinning wheel kick by the way. Very ChunLi-lost-In-The-MortalKombat-Realms-ish. 😀 ..By and By, the whole circle would have been rendered senseless if the entire shebangle hadn’t ended up as a dream. It’s the only logical ‘Out’ y’all wrote Jade into. Big ups to Deola and all ’em other writers for the trips tho. Toxic Killed it dead for me sha. His was Le— (Wait for it)™

  9. Genesis says:

    … GENDARY!!!™ ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯

  10. freshprinz says:

    *walks in solemnly, stands in front of angry mob*




    Sticks out tongue, runs away dodgning missiles & laughing like a phool*

  11. The 13th Alchemist says:


    A dream?


    Easy way out son. Easy way out. Who said it had to have a ‘logical’ end?


    All good in the hood though. It was a wild ride.

  12. young J. says:

    BRAVO …. Loved this series

  13. freshprinz says:

    To all those who I have offended by ending this series in this manner,

    I am sorry. I thought long & hard before ending it this way. I had three options:

    – Start and end a cyborg/human war (would’ve been fun but terribly long, at least 3000words).

    – Kill Jade (y’all would’ve killed me for this)

    – Explore the Quentin Tarantino option & say it was all part of a sci-fi movie gone wrong. (Again, too long. Would’ve had to find a reasonable answer to some crazy questions. Would’ve needed Terdoh’s help for this one, I’m not that crazy….yet.)

    All in all, the story had taken a life of its own so I decided to take the easiest and sanest route out. Once again, I sincerely apologize.

    Big ups to the writers that came before me, some of y’all brought out your wild sides on this one. It was an honour writing with you guys.

    Lastly, I’d like to thank D3ola for the opportunity to rub shoulders with such mad men.

    FreshPrinz Out.
    *Holds nose & disappears*

    • Camaaaan, u don’t owe anybody any explanation na.remember we’re just meant to have fun with it & of cos u can never ‘please’ errbady. You did a good job,in my opinion sha.Even threw in a lil bit of Biggie. *Fist bump* Twas a nice journey altogether. 🙂

  14. Adaora says:

    This was the most sensible way to end this and i love it!!!

  15. ibetapassmynebo says:

    I was right all along. . Baaaam!
    Notorious wa shere 🙂

  16. kennibal says:

    The End!

    But Jade can sleep shaa

  17. Kponja says:

    Jade should have died! 😦

  18. Nimi says:

    Where’s @Olatoxic’s part? Can’t seem to find it. Wz a nyc write-up tho I got tired at a point.

  19. Why didn’t you just kill the bitch? Even if it was all a dream, she shoulda died. No one gets f*cked by Sir Dick and Katt and lives to tell the tale. *fackin ho’.*
    I like that Biggie song tho’ yo.
    Good good.

  20. @Frankices says:

    Yay! I like that it was a dream. Weldone y’all. I’ll try to find n follow u guys on Twitter. U may return the favor if the spirit doth move u(it beta). 😀

  21. You-Know-Who says:

    Y’all should’ve killed that bitch Jade.

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