Posted: October 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
Yes I’m back to writing. Been busy and studying for my GRE exam which is next week. Let’s fashi that for now.
Anyway, I wrote this poem last night. I hope you like it. Leave comments and such. 🙂
I’m tired.
Yes I said it, I’m fucking tired
I’m tired of writing stupid love songs about a man who doesn’t care
I’m tired of looking at photographs and listening to songs and remembering you
I just want it all to go awayI’m tired of the long mid-night walks alone
I’m tired of being lonely
I’m tired of seeing couples eating pizza or making out while they walk
I’m tired of crying myself to sleep every night and wishing God would answer my prayers
I’m fucking sick of it all

I’m an emotional girl
The kind that cries when watching sappy movies
The kind that falls in love easily
The kind that trusts too much
And the kind that gets heartbroken way too much

I fall in love way too much, my heart can only take so much
So please don’t make me fall for you
Please let me be and let me live
Let my heart find a way to heal
Because your kind has done too much to me
Your kind has stolen my secrets like a con man
Your kind has made me hate

So when I say I’m tired of it all
I mean I’m tired of love and missing it in my life
Because I know you won’t give me what I want
I know writing this means nothing to you
I know talking or asking or even just being alive doesn’t anything
So please
I’m tired

Next week, I’ll have a story for you all. It’s done but it needs some editing. I’m in a supernaturalish mood now. I’m getting obsessed with floklore and legends and ish like that. So expect my first story of this kind next week


  1. Dharmie_O says:

    I love..I can sooooo relate to this 🙂

  2. terdoh says:

    What happened to rhyme? I haven’t read any poems in a while that rhymed. Is that the new in-thing? Am I behind? Did I miss a General Poet Memo?

    I’m sad.

  3. Holy Baba O! says:

    This is written with a honesty.
    I recognize.

  4. Adaora says:

    This is very straight-to-the point and honest. (Y)

  5. OOkpoechi says:


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