The Song

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

*Whistling a jolly tune while sweeping and cleaning up*

Hi guys! I didn’t see you there! Well, this is where I put the excuses for why I haven’t blogged or done anything here right? I wont bother you with that cool story. Just know that I’ve been mega busy with school and my final projects.

Anyway, I have a story for you all today! It was inspired by the song and music video of ‘Nothing’ by The Script (the drinking version of the video). I’ve been using music as a source of help for some of the stories I’ve been writing (Sleep Reaper was inspired by ‘Bedtime Story’ by Frank Ocean and I have another story called ‘We found love’ inspired by Rihanna’s hit song ‘We found love’ which I will share with you all later).

So sit back, and enjoy. Comments and criticisms are welcome and needed.


May 11th, 2011

The rain had started again. We were all used to it. Living on the tip of Ireland in Waterville (Ironic, right?), meant that that you should be used to rain. Waterville was once called the ‘rainiest village’ in Ireland. I don’t believe that though. I just think they weep so much which makes the rain fall so much.

On this very day, we were in the pub. Me, Conner and Dylan were nursing a few pints and laughing about the abysmal weather. We were cracking a joke about the busty maiden who brought us our pints when suddenly the door of the pub opened and shut suddenly. The open door brought in wind, a bit of rain and Aaron.

Aaron looked terrible. He was covered in a mess of dirt, leaves and drenched in water. As he sat down next to me and declined a pint from busty Jane, we all noticed his red eyes and tear streaked face. Aaron was not a man of tears so this meant something was terribly wrong.

“Aaron, what seems to be the matter? You look like the devil’s piss!”

He didn’t talk. Just stared at us.

“Come on boy-o! Tell us what the matter is. We are all good friends.”

“I’ve looked for her everywhere …” he said in a small but emotional voice

“Who? Is it your wife Siobhan? She should be at home!”

“She’s missing.”

“Aaron, are you sure she’s missing?” Dylan started. “She could be over at Conner’s place with Maria or my place with Maeve. The storm may have trapped her somewhere. Once the rain stops we can …”

“I’ve walked ad checked in every single house. I’ve gone to the edge of the village, I’ve screamed her name. I found nothing.”

One by one, we all realized what had happened. We all knew where Siobhan was.


“Yes Cian?”

“We need to tell you something. We kept a secret from you. We shouldn’t have but ….”

“What secret? Was my wife having an affair?” He jumped up from his seat. “Has she run off with the man?? Lemme find him and feed him to the dogs!!!” he screamed.

“Aaron, we are sorry.” Dylan said standing up, trying to calm Aaron down.  “We shouldn’t have kept this or in fact, we shouldn’t have done this at all.”

“Done what? What did you do?”

“We forgot to do something Aaron. Something so important and so essential.”

Aaron now had a look of worry and confusion on his face. I stood up and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Sit down Aaron, get yourself a pint and listen. But just know that Siobhan will never come back. She is back where she belongs.”


5 years ago

“Jane! Pour me another! Let me drown my sorrows in a good pint of beer! Let me forget what that wrench did to me!”

“Now Aaron, you know I can’t give you more. You’re well over drunk now.”

“I don’t care! I want to be drunk!  I want to forget that … that thing that calls herself Lorna! She … she chopped my heart and fed it to the dogs!”

We watched him shout and rant while we drank our pints. He looked around our age, 25. He had sandy hair and light blue eyes. A smile that would make any maiden start wetting their panties. It was obvious he was in pain; he had eyes that told you his emotions.

Suddenly, we heard a ‘thump’ and we saw him trying to sit back up on the stool. He had fallen off and was now shouting with the stool about how ‘everybody wants him to fall and fail’. I was getting particularly bored with him and decided that I was going home.

“Boys, let’s go. Today’s drunk is boring. I have work in the morning. Besides, we have wives to get to.”

Dylan and Conner stood up and we made our way to the door when I felt a tap on my back. It was Jane, trying to hold the drunken man up.

“Can you dear boys help me? We are closing up and I don’t want to throw him in the streets. He seems to have suffered a bit of heart break. Would you?”

That’s how we made our way down the road, shuffling the drunken man between us. He was very quiet which made the journey a little bearable. I never imagined my Sunday night would be spent carrying around a drunk.

The cobbled road from the pub to the main village passed by the sea. There was a short stone wall built to separate the sea and road. The wind that was blowing was fresh and salty. I had the sudden urge to sit on the wall and let my wind wonder. I missed the sea and the cool water around my ankles. But we didn’t have time for that; we had a man to take home.

Suddenly, he started talking. He was ranting about ‘Lorna’ and a wedding. On a normal day, I would have listened and consoled him but I had other things on my mind. My mother was wondering why after five years, Maria had not gotten pregnant yet. I knew the truth why but I couldn’t break my poor mam’s heart.

In a flash, he broke out of Dylan’s hold, jumped over the stone wall and was running down to the sea. We all started after him. As soon as he saw us coming, he started moving faster until he was thigh deep in sea water.

“Come back here! We need to go home!”

“Lorna!!!” He shouted to the sea. “My dear sweet Lorna! Come back to me!”

“Cain, what are we going to do now?”

“We have to find a way to take him back with us.”

“But you know we can’t enter the water …. ”

“Yes I know, we all know. Maybe we should leave him and he will find what he wants.”

“Find?” Dylan chipped in. “We are the only ones who knows the secrets of this place. I bet he doesn’t even know that they exist.”

“He doesn’t. Our fathers told us and they were the last of the generation that knew the truth.” I reply. “He can’t know either. It’s too risky. It’s too dangerous.”

As we were talking, we didn’t notice that Aaron was now waist deep. He stood still like he was in a trance. We all turned to him and saw he was moving deeper into the sea. He could hear something. We were beginning to hear it too.

“Boys, we know what to do.”

At once we took out our ear plugs and put them in. We had the habit of carrying our ear plugs around ever since we heard the song the first time. The first time we all heard the song and Sean was killed in the tragic ‘swimming’ accident.

We waded into the water and got to Aaron. He was crying and blood was beginning to come out of his ears. The song must have been louder now and it was striving to make Aaron go mad. He fought us and refused to come with us. But after a few kicks and slaps, he calmed down and we were able to drag him back to land.

Aaron was clutching something red. It looked like a piece of cloth but when he opened his hands, we saw it was a red scarf.

“How did he ..”

“He must have found it in the sea while we were talking. The murúch must have wanted it back and started singing her song.”

“But now he has it. What should we do?”

“We do nothing.”

Dylan and Conner stared at me like I was mad.

“Nothing? We can’t just do nothing! He has the red scarf of a muruch!!! As soon as the sun rises, he will have a maiden at his door! What will he do then?”

I looked down at him and I saw sadness in his eyes. I doubt he was following the conversation we were having.

“His heart is broken. Whoever this Lorna girl is must have meant a lot to him. He heard the song of the muruch, he must already love her and there is nothing we can do about that. She will come to him and they will mate.”

“And if she finds her red scarf? What will happen then? Once she touches the scarf everything will come back to her. She will leave him for her true home. He won’t be able to handle that!”

“Then let’s burn the scarf once they get married. It’s what we all did when we found scarfs at this same sea. That way, she will never find her scarf and her memories will never come back.”

Dylan and Conner didn’t like the idea but there was nothing we could do. Aaron was babbling about the beautiful maiden he saw; how he dearly loved her and could spend the rest of his life with her. When we finally got him to a bed to my house, I heard him say a name, Siobhan.


Now five years later, we remember we did not burn the scarf. We remember that the day of his wedding to Siobhan, we were all shit drunk and passed out. We forgot to burn the tie that connected the muruch to her true home. As a human, she was a quiet woman who went about her duties as a wife. She would never adjust to living on land. She could never get pregnant and she was always taking ill.

 But we could never get rid of them.

We burnt their ties to the sea once we knew the truth of their existence. How we wish we didn’t do so. Now they could never go back and we could never leave them. The song of the muruch kept us tied to these beautiful women of the sea. Our fathers warned us. They told us of the dangers.

But we didn’t’ listen. Now our ears are blocked with the song. 

  1. edgothboy says:

    The muruch, the celtic sea siren. I love how the beginning throws you off complety from the true nature of the story and then you’re blindsided by it. *sigh* Now this just reminds me of Erin Lough Shore by The Corrs. I loved it.

  2. weird_oo says:

    I really enjoyed reading this! I do wish there had been more Irish brogue in the dialogue but that doesn’t spoil the story! Bien!

  3. NateOblivion says:

    Irish sirens!!! This is pure amazement. Beautiful job.

  4. love the story, wish i ended differently though.

  5. viKkiangelx says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome,, awesome……awesome

  6. GenesisMyNameIz says:

    i think Aaron is a bit overdramatic. Kiloderm? O_o …Nigga ran into the sea Kwa. Hian. Nice Tale tho. My D was Twiddled. Yes. That D. 😀

  7. 0latoxic says:

    Very nicely told. This story indicates a lot of growth in your writing, Dee.

    Keep it up (Y)

  8. afrosays says:

    I like this story so much. Great story.
    The writing is getting better but can still be more.

    Show, not tell.
    More adjectives, more metaphors, make more use of all my senses too dear. I want to see a shiny, maybe silky red scarf, I want the bar to smell like old wood and stale beer. I want to taste the quality of Jane’s beer.

    Thanks again

  9. Pha't says:

    I love the path of story writing you’ve taken. First the succubus now this… Cant wait for the next. Nice work dear..

  10. lade says:

    this is very … i cant explain. love love love the story

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