The Decision

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Hey everyone!

No original work from me yet …. but I have something for you guys! It’s a story written by my favorite person and big-breasted friend Fareeda. She wrote this a while back and I enjoyed it so much. I hope you do to.


Perfect silence

Tick tock tick tock  

The clock resumed its melancholic movements, each second dragging by unexcitedly

Total darkness

A single ray of light cutting through the pitch black reflecting from the security light the neighbors have

She’s very still, her breathing silent, legs crossed, clothed in only an oversized sweater that drops down one arm exposing the slender curve of her shoulders and her ‘oh so’ enticing nape.

He used to like kissing me here.

Her hair, medium in length, jet black and well-oiled  is packed up to show the beautiful definition of her jawline, her patrician nose and give those innocent baby brown’s a hint of sexy maturity. None of those hair extension things for her.

He used to tell me how beautiful I looked with my hair released from plaits.

There’s a knock, a soft one and the silence is broken.

He’s here…

She closes her eyes for a second, opens them back and gets up to open the door.

He’s standing in front of her, all 6 foot of delicious African man. There’s been a slight drizzle and his white t-shirt is sticking to him, showing her hints of his well packaged abs. She has always had a weakness for a well-toned 6-pack and he wasn’t lacking

He used to pose for me while I would make feeble attempts at capturing his body with pencil on paper

In all of one second, she takes a last look at the framed picture on the floor. She looks back up and closes the mental doors of her distress. Her straight face is transformed into a warm smile and she steps aside to let him in.

He walks in, unaware of what plans she has made in her head, oblivious that she is clothed in a sweater and dangerous plans.

She hugs him tightly making sure her bra free breasts presses against his hard chest leaving an impression.

His hands encircle her waist and they immediately notice she has no bra on. Quickly, he releases his hands and as he does, he notices her lack of clothing one her lower body.

“Reni is everything okay?” he asks

“Yes Koye. Come on to the living room. Hassan has extended his stay in Kaduna for another week and I got bored”

“You called me to come over at this time, because you were bored?” This contrasts with the urgent tone she had on when she called him. He’s getting worried. First she calls him to keep her company be 1:00am and she’s clothed in noting but a sweater and panties.

She walks to the living room. Is it his imagination, or did her movements seem more feminine?

She kneels and bends over as if to pick up something and he gets an eyeful of her panties. Flimsy white lace making the perfect contrast with her chocolate skin. She goes into the room to drop whatever she has picked and comes back to sit on the living room floor.

She comes back out and beckons to him saying, “Are you going to stand there all night? Come one. We’ve got lots to catch up on”

He goes and sits next to her, legs stretched out, arms crossed in his front.


He had to be made of stone not to notice, and notice he did.

Her legs are stretched out, left leg crossed over the right. Hands placed at her back balancing her lither upper body. Her breasts seem to stretch the material of the sweater.

Reni has always held a silent appeal to him. Unlike most girls, she seemed almost ashamed of her sex appeal and preferred to look simple, or cute as opposed to drop dead sexy. That didn’t work much. She was still pursued by many guys, because as innocent as Reni wanted to appear, she was blessed with the kind of sensuality that didn’t take much to bring out. Her smile emphasized just how pouty and soft her lips were. Her breasts did justice to any outfit, no matter how ill-fitted it was. Her skin glowed in the sun and her legs caused mental damage whenever she wore shorts or a short dress, but he had pushed all those to the back of his mind, because as appealing as he found Reni, she was his dearest friend and he loved her enough to not ruin their friendship.

But tonight it seemed Reni was determined to make that extra difficult. He wished Hassan would miraculously show his face at the door and he could find an excuse to go. His thoughts were going to forbidden places and he felt ashamed because as much as he didn’t fancy Hassan for her, he was a decent guy and didn’t deserve him thinking about doing things to his girlfriend.

Things that would make Reni blush and laugh out in her sexy tinkle.

As in in response, he feels movement down there.

This can’t be happening I’ve got to tell her to get some proper clothes on.

She’s looking at him with a silent hunger, her mind visualizing the things that were going to happen. He had always fancied her. She knew it, but always chose to ignore it for the sake of friendship. Tonight, that would change.

He looks up at her. Her mouth always partly open as in in expectation of a kiss.

As in by reflex, she bites her lower lip and moves towards him

She leans on him and they start to talk. Jobs, friends, bosses, mild aspirations.

For the last time, she forces the mental image of Hassan’s fury out of her head.

She starts to nuzzle his neck, closing her eyes and sighing slowly

“Mmmn. You always smell so nice Koye, almost edible”

This elicits a chuckle from him. “Okay now”

She presses closer to him. Making circles on his neck with her nose and breathing slowly down his back.

“Your T-shirts damp. Take it off. I’ll dry it”

He starts to decline, but she pinches him. As soon as his arms go up in protest, she takes the t-shirt off

She goes off to dry it, making those slow movements. He knows he has to get out soon. He’s not thinking straight anymore

She comes back in; with no replacement t-shirt and presses play on the stereo.

The Weeknd -“The Birds part 2”

Oh uh oh .. with a nigger like me

“I love this song” she says and starts tracing patterns on his chest.

Soon, he starts tracing patterns on her arms, he moves to her lower leg. Almost without conscious though, he moves to her thighs. She doesn’t budge

Please mercy please, lemme fall in love. She begs me

He’s in an alternate universe. One where both he and Reni are half naked with her pressed into him. It only makes sense that they start kissing and their hand movements become bolder.

Oh she lost … control

“Snap out of it Koye, you’re making a mistake.”

He already hates himself for doing this, but he forces her away from him. Her soft, pliant body.

She’s looking at him confused, lips swollen, little parts of her hair standing.

“You have a boyfriend Reni. Why are you doing this?”

She looks at him and slowly, tears begin welling down her beautiful eyes.

“He’s married with a child Koye. He’s been lying to me”

Anger sweeps through him. He wants to kill the slimy bastard. He wants to destroy his overpriced face and beat him to a pulp. He wants to…

He looks at her, so sad, yet still so appealing.

He wants to, no needs to be there for her.

The Weeknd’s “Wicked Games” starts to play

He would have to break up with Sandra soon, because he was going to that place and there was no going back

He moves closer to Reni, her head buried in sadness.

Bring your love baby I could bring my pain

He lifts her face up.

I got my heart right here. I got my scars right here

His hands move down to her waist, she doesn’t weigh very much so lifting her up is relatively easy

There’s not enough time for them both. Hands roaming urgently, a new sense of urgency infused into both of them. There’s only here and now. Koye and Reni. Reni with her eyes and crazy body.  Koye with his pent up needs and sexy abs.

The Weeknd – “Gone”

Break it, drop it, drink it spill it baby touch your body, body

You gotta taste it feel it, rub it on me baby don’t you worry

Trashing everywhere. Reni breathing hard under him. Koye’s weight bearing down on her

I’m sorry Sandra

I’m sorry Hassan.


Hopefully after finals and my presentations, I’ll be able to post original work from me. School sucks donkey balls!

  1. edgothboy says:

    Hmmmm!!! I like. I’m a little expectant for a sequel though. Reni and Koye are too squeaky clean. Tell us what they’re both hiding. And how does Sandra feel about all this?

  2. weird_oo says:

    Sexxxy! Love this!

  3. Terdoh says:

    Describe the sex scene jor. Describe it. Describe it oh!

    You must to describe utunu!

  4. Adaora says:

    ooooooo!!! i love this!tres sexy but you must must tell us more!!

  5. Fareeda Abdulkareem says:

    merci merci… LMAO! though. I never describe sex scenes. The point is to leave it to your imagination to do as you please…. A sequel? hmmmn

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