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Day 13 of 30

Posted: August 24, 2011 in 30 Day Challenge

I was meant to post this yesterday but I fell ill. I’m better now so let’s get on to the challenge of today.

Where would I like to move or visit?

Everyone who knows me knows I want to move to New York. Its my dream city. The lights, the sights … *sigh. Not to mention its the fashion and media capital of the world!

Imagine we walking down 5th avenue with shopping bags and my blackberry. Don’t I just fit in? ^_^

If there is a place I want to visit, its The Maldives (dunno if I spelled it right). A group of islands off the coast of India, they are a popular tourist location. Back in Saudi, a group of us decided that when we are 21 and famous (we thought at 21 we would have all the money in the world) we would all meet up at the Maldives and have fun. That year we all separated (I moved to Nigeria, the others moved to America and all) and we wanted to meet up.

Apart that, I want to go there because its beautiful and just …. Serene. I would love to go swimming among coral and fishes. Watching the sunset over the Indian ocean, eating the local food and just exploring. I love meeting new people and experiencing new things. I just hope one day I’ll have enough money and time to go there.

See you all tomorrow. 🙂


Day 12 of 30

Posted: August 22, 2011 in 30 Day Challenge

Helllllloooo!!! 😀
So lemme just get to the point. Today’s challenge was to bullet my whole day.

– Woke up and got ready for registration and clearance. Had to get there early so I could beat the rush.

– Got to the hall and found out I was owing 925 naira. Compared to normal AUN fees, this was hilarious. Had to sign a form and stuff to allow me to finish.

– Got to housing and found out my new room was in my ex’s old dorm (it was turned into a girls dorm). The memories I have of that place ehn …

– Registered for classes. I’m doing my communications final project this semester. Its gonna be HELL.

– Got back to my friends room and gisted with them. I wasn’t ready to move yet so I chilled with them for a bit. Showed them funny videos I downloaded online. Also got the key to my room which is kinda opposite the exs room. *sigh

– Went for this event where school clubs had to introduce themselves to the freshmen. I had to give a short impromptu speech right there ( I rep my school’s press club). It was shaky but okay.

– Went for the welcome back barbecue which was fun. They finally unveiled the school mascot which is a stallion. People were dancing to Oliver Twist and I was rolling.

– Left the girls to hang with my boys, Paul, Charles and Micheal. Micheal is an alum and he works for school. He has a whole room to himself in the Alumni Quaters. We played ‘Rock Band’ for hours(I was the singer and I knew most of the songs).

– Came back to school and went straight to where my stuff was. Started typing this and listening to ‘Pakumoro’ (Wizkid) and ‘I was here’ (Beyonce)

That’s my day! This was rushed so excuse all gbaguans and typos … See u all 2moro.

Day 11 of 30

Posted: August 11, 2011 in 30 Day Challenge

Day 11 – Put your Ipod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up.

So I didn’t post this yesterday. I was tired and lazy. Momc put me on market duty. Lemme not bore you with the long story and get on with the post.
I don’t have an ipod; all I got is my Blackberry curve 2 (donations to the “Get Deola a Torch Bold foundation” are being accepted and will do a lot of good) and my laptop. I decided to mix it up; one song from my phone and one from my laptop. There is some great music on my laptop I would LOVE to share with you. I hope they come up

1. The Only Exception by Paramore (laptop)
My second favorite love song (first being Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls). It’s just so beautiful and pure. There was a time I would hear the song and cry a bit (I’m mushy like that). I have actually started saving money because I want Paramore to come play this at my wedding (if I do ever get married). Whenever I hear this song, I think about him.

2. Super Sun by Bez (phone)
I LOVE this song. Bez has such a smooth and natural voice. I’m a fan of the slow, easy listening kind of music. I think why I like him so much is because he is different. You cannot see anyone in Nigeria with his kind of voice and talent. It’s a shame I don’t have his album; been searching for it since.

3. Dancing with tears in my eyes by Ke$ha (laptop)
Forget she looks homeless and forget she looks like she sleeps in a trashcan filled with glitter. She is AWESOME!!! This is one of the songs off her old album which don’t have a lot of her screaming and shouting. Maybe I’m biased cos its techno.

4. What’s my name by Rihanna and Drake (phone)
Personal favorite song by Rihanna. Dayo almost threw my phone out cos how much I played this song around him. It kinda summarizes the way I feel about him and the way he treats me. It’s Rihanna and I love her so …

5. Burn to the ground by Nickleback (laptop)
I don’t think anyone loves Nickleback the way I do (I have ALL their albums). The lead singer is hot, their songs are filled with loud drums and awesome guitar riffs. This song just makes me want to go crazy and actually burn something down.

6. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol (phone)
First time I heard this song, I think I cried. It’s so beautiful and simple. “If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?” With lyrics like that you can’t go wrong.

7. Hero/Heroine by Boys like Girls (laptop)
This rock group is so underrated. It’s a love song and a beautiful one. I have a soft spot for mushy songs like this.

8. Bottoms Up by Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj (phone)
I love Trey Songz. Judge me very well. Apart from the fact he’s smoking hot as hell and I would jump his bones if he magically appears on my doorstep, I think he’s really good at what he does. His department is ‘baby making music’ which I soooooo agree. Nicki Minaj is my bitch! Yes she is a tad bit over rated but I love her still the same. I think it’s her madness that does it for me.

9. Moves like Jagger by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera (laptop)
My song of the summer. Very fun and up beat song. The vid just came out recently with a very hot and topless Adam Levine in it. Christina was just an accessory to me in this song.

10. I am a good girl by Christina Aguilera (phone)
I have a thing for jazz and the interments that come with them (I used to play flute in my school band). It is a song from the musical ‘Burlesque’ where Chirstina was the lead. This is very classy and vintage Christina which I have always loved and adored. I dunno why she had to go all robotic on us.

That is it my darlings. 🙂

Day 10 of 30

Posted: August 10, 2011 in 30 Day Challenge

Day 10- Discuss your first love and first kiss


Yesterday, I dint post until like 12 am cos I was lazy and tired. Been struggling to keep this up but I will finish this challenge! Yes I will!

My first love was everything you expected such to be. Sweet and innocent. We were both still in high school and we met through mutual friends. We chatted and talked but never really admitted what we felt until the day he was going back to school for extension (he was in ss3 and I was in ss2). I finally blurted out to him on the phone that I liked him (yes I told him my feelings first, go suck an egg).

We went out about four months. It was a very simple relationship. He would walk me to café and wave to me from the window of his dorm. He would come to the music lab when we were having band practice (I was a band geek, I played the flute) and watch me play. I would listen to him talk about his dreams and ambitions about being in show biz. It was that kind of sweet love.

He was also my first kiss. It happened on the night before his graduation. It was not the best kiss I’ve had but still it was nice. No excessive tongue or saliva or all that crap. He didn’t even try to touch me or anything; he was just such a sweet guy.

We broke up after he graduated and went to America for uni. We both just couldn’t handle being in a long distance relationship at that time. Now that I think about it, I was really messed up at the time. I fought with him a lot because I missed him so much. It all went downhill from there.

Now we are really good friends and he gives me advice about writing about fashion (he’s an editor of a fashion website).

That’s it. Nothing more to say

Day 9 of 30

Posted: August 9, 2011 in 30 Day Challenge

Day 9 – How you hope your future to will be like

Hello everyone!

Thanks for all the comments. I appreciate you all reading my daily posts and enjoying them as well. For all those who said the story is ‘incomplete’, go make up ur own story!

Now how would I like my life to be in the future. This will be short. I just remembered that I haven’t posted today’s own so I just something together.

Flying cars. I’ve always wanted one after watching the Jetsons.

Dodo that peels and fries itself. #NuffSaid

Cookies and Cream ice cream that has no calories. Isn’t this every woman’s dream?

Booooooooks! I want a whole library filled with novels and cook books.

My magazine job will be awesome. I will be rich and have a walk in closet with shoes and clothes and shoes and … You get the point.

I want children, just two. A boy and a girl like my family. I will bombard them will love and care but I will not hesitate to beat them tho.

I can’t think of more stuff sha.

I think I said it before but I just honestly want to be happy in the future.

Day 8 of 30

Posted: August 8, 2011 in 30 Day Challenge

Day 8 – A moment you felt most satisfied with your life

NOTE: The following is a very mushy recount of a memory. If you are not into that stuff, close your browser and I won’t be offended.

I cannot remember the exact day or the month or even the exact time. All I remember is the way I felt at that time. All that was running through my mind was how happy I was and how all the pieces of my life were finally in place.

I was in bed with my ex-boyfriend (you all should know him from my posts, If no, it’s Dayo). At that time, we had been together for I think a few weeks but we have been friends for over two years. Being in bed with him wasn’t awkward or weird, it felt like that’s where I belonged. His arms seemed to be measured to fit my petit body exactly. I felt like that was my place.

We were both silent but his phone was playing songs. We didn’t even intend for the phone to be playing love songs, technology just has a way to mirror your mind. But the main event happened when the song ‘Lovers and Friends’ by Lil John & The East Side Boys feat Usher and Ludacris.

As long as I remember, I have never been kissed the way he kissed me that night when this song was playing. It was different, filled with so much love and passion and lust and everything rolled up into one. When our lips parted, he said ‘No matter what happens between us, always remember how we both felt at this exact time. This exact beautiful moment of how we love each other. Even if we fight and breakup, I want you to have this memory so you can know it all worth it in the end.’

I was instantly reduced to a ball of tears (don’t judge, I’m a romantic and a sucker for such. It was too beautiful for my mind to take)

At that moment, I realized I was truly happy. Apart from having Dayo, school was on point (I ended that semester with awesome grades), my family was okay for the first time in months, and my friends were on point. I was def feeling the most satisfied with my life at that moment.

Day 7 of 30

Posted: August 7, 2011 in 30 Day Challenge

Day 7 – Your Zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

Sorry I couldn’t respond to all of the comments yesterday. I was updating my phone and my bbm disappeared and I also went out so it was a loooooong thing.

I do want to say thank you. Me baring my soul to you all is kinda therapeutic. It helps me when I get things like this off my chest and out there. I’ve gone thro a lot of shit but now I’m way better
So let’s continue …

To do this challenge, I had to do a bit of research. You see, I’m not very fond of horoscopes and such like that. So I had to go online and read all about it. I found out a lot of stuff and I would like to share it with you all:

Traditional Traits (That’s what they called it o! Don’t ask me)

Optimistic and freedom-loving
Jovial and good-humored
Honest and straightforward
Intellectual and philosophical

On the dark side (The headings are just weird)

Blindly optimistic and careless
Irresponsible and superficial
Tactless and restless

So do they fit me?

Yes and No

I’m very optimistic now. Before it was a whole different thing. I love my freedom and independence but I can be submissive in some situations. I’m very jovial, fun loving. I like looking for the good side of things. Honesty. I am a bit. I’ve lied before (who hasn’t). When it comes to me telling what’s on my mind, I will hide it till I can’t take it anymore. I will tell you how I feel about you and whatever situation you are in. You do not want to see a very angry Deola.

I consider myself a bit of an intellectual. I read everything ranging from science, health, literature, history etc. In school, people always came to me to ask random questions. If I don’t completely know it, at least I will have a clue about it. I’m sort of a feminist so does that count as being philosophical?

Talking about my dark side, yes I can be blindly optimistic. Sometimes, things don’t have a good side. Careless I don’t know. That goes in hand with irresponsible. I see myself as a very responsible person.

Superficial? This is the girl that wears jeans every day, everywhere. I almost wore jeans to a red carpet event. I thank my stars I had enough sense to change. It’s just now I’m getting into clothes and shoes like that. I really don’t give about the way I look. As long as I look fine, that’s it.

Tactless? Maybe. I speak without thinking sometimes. I can be very blunt and rude. Restless! That’s me. When I talk my hands move around. I can’t sit without my hands doing something. My hair has suffered from me pulling and twisting it around when I’m bored.

So ehn, that’s a little bit more of me. I hope the next one isn’t so much of me baring my soul. See you tomorrow.