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Castle follows Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, a famous mystery novelist who has killed off his main character in his book series and has writer’s block. He is called in to help the NYPD solve a copy-cat murder based on one of his novels. Stana Katic co-stars as Detective Kate Beckett. Castle, who becomes interested in Beckett as a potential character for a new book series, uses his connections at the mayor’s office and receives permission to continue accompanying Beckett while investigating cases. Castle decides to use Beckett as the model for the main character of his next book series starring “Nikki Heat”. Beckett, an avid reader of Castle’s books, initially disapproves of having Castle shadow her on her cases, but later warms up and recognizes Castle as a useful resource in solving crimes.

Why am I gaga over Castle?

It’s perfect! It’s based in New York, the city of my dreams and hopes. Apart from the part that Becket and Castle never ever hook up, its perfect. Rick Castle is like an overactive ten year old on a sugar high. He’s funny, sweet and serious all at the same time. I would love to have him as my best friend. Becket is smart and beautiful. She first hates Castle but we see that there is some serious chemistry there.

The murder cases are intriguing and absurd which makes it interesting to me. It’s always the least likely person that commits the murder and its always for stupid reasons. One main story line of the show is the murder and death of Beckett’s mom which she has been investigating ever since she joined the police force. I can’t give away too much info but belive me, this show is awesome!!!!

Season 4 premieres on September 19 on ABC  this year. Don’t even think of missing it!

Until next time, love, peace, and Rick Castle.



So this is my first ever song review. I hope I don’t mess this up lol.

So while studying, I have to listen to music, It’s a must. My songs are on shuffle and I have a wide range of music I listen to. Right now on repeat is ‘Bound to You’ by Christina Aguilera. Its a love song where she sings about finally finding that man that she can trust and blah blah blah. Here’s the link for you guys to download and listen.

So why do I like this song?

It’s classic Christina. No robotic and techno things. Just regular old Christina. You can hear how powerful and smooth her voice is in this song. Its actually very beautiful. This song reminds me of her ‘Back to Basics’ album which I loved so much. Its a slow love song which appeals to me for some funny reason (I’m a sucker for love songs). All in all, she should go back to this and leave her ‘new’ way and believe me, she will make a ton of money.

(Is the post meant to be this short? This is my first time doing this and any comments on what I should listen to or cover would be highly appreciated.)