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The End

Posted: September 30, 2011 in The Writer's Roundabout


We have finally come to the end of the Writer’s Roundabout. 😦

It has been a loooong and twisting journey and I thank you all for sticking through this with all the crazy writer’s I had involved.

Special shout-out to the writers who helped me on this project! I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this! I couldn’t have done anything without you guys – Rj, Wole, Sandra,Terdoh, Onyinye, Bukky, Banx, Coco, Jibola and Olatoxic.

I suggest you read the previous posts before this one or you may just be a little bit lost.

Now on to the grand finale by Victor @FreshPrinzVick


Telula stared hard at Shola. Waiting for an answer. Praying to God that her suspicions were baseless and there was a plausible reason for Shola’s increased bust size. She desperately wanted all this to end. The lies, the deceit, the horny perverts with monstrous dicks.

She was tired of it all. She just wanted to soak in bath tub filled with strawberry scented warm water.

But it wasn’t over. Not yet.

“Errhm…I got a…a boob job. Yeah, got myself my own McSteamy to inflate these little pompoms”.


The real Shola hated Grey’s Anatomy. There was absolutely no way in hell she would use a character’s nickname in a random conversation. Telula doubted she’d even know the difference between Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs. ‘Its just a bunch of doctors cutting people up everyday. Blood gore and dead people. How do you even enjoy this rubbish’. That had been her response the last time Telula had sought to coax her into watching an entire episode with her.

With lightening speed she sought to raise her gun, but even in that half a second Shola was just as fast in bringing out her own previously concealed weapon. They stood facing each other gun’s drawn, fore-fingers locked on the trigger. It felt like a scene from one of the old western movies. The Good, the bad and the ugly perhaps.

At that instant Jade noticed three cars driving towards their direction. Somehow she had a feeling that they would not be on her side. She had to think fast, act fast. She squeezed the trigger and dived to the left simultaneously, ducking behind a stack of cement. She didn’t know if the shot had hit Shola or not. She tried to peek over the makeshift and Shola took a shot at her. She smiled, Shola was bleeding on her left shoulder. She was human after all and not another cyborg like Sadiq. She leaned her back against the low wall of cement. She needed to devise a plan. Quickly.

She made a dash for the uncompleted building behind her, losing her cover temporarily. She heard the bullets whiz past her, but she knew not to worry. Her earlier shot had caught Shola’s shoulder so her aim wouldn’t be so accurate.

She ran into the building, ducked underneath a workman’s makeshift scaffolding, ran up a flight of stairs to the first floor. She found the nearest window and looked down at the cars that had finally arrived. She fired off a few shots at the fuel tank of the nearest car, an old Peugeot 504.


At the fourth shot it burst into flames raising the car at least ten feet in the air while the other occupants of the two cars and Shola ran for cover.

She smiled, the odds were a little less daunting. She’d counted four remaining men clad in all black and she suspected that they’d be running up the stairs in no time. She prepared to welcome them. She tried to steady her breathing as she hid behind the side of the stairway. Watching, waiting.

The first two idiots came running noisily, she could have killed them off with her eyes closed. She fired. The first man went down but as she pulled the trigger a second time she heard only a ‘click’ sound. Fuck!! She had run out of ammo. She was finally screwed, she threw the gun hard as she could at her assailant and it hit him at his solar plexus. He went down instantly.

She ducked just in time as the bullet from the third guy hit a spot on the wall where her face had been a fraction of a second earlier.

She waited. Outnumbered, out of ammunition, sweaty palmed and heart racing but not scared. Not scared at all. She wouldn’t scramble and hide in terror. No. She was born for this.

She raised both hands in mock surrender as they reached the top of the stairs.

“Keep your hands up. No sudden movements!” The first one shouted.

Telula winked at the man, smiling.

“Okay, big boy. Just relax.”

“Turn around slowly and keep your hands where I can see them at all times and like I said, no sudden movements! Our mistress would rather have your pathetic life preserved for reasons I cannot understand.”

She turned slowly but as she did she noticed one guard drop his gun while trying to unhook his handcuffs from his belt strap.


She dropped her left hand on the floor and pushed against it, using the momentum to propel her into the air. She twisted her body as she did a cyclone kick. Whack , gun, Whack , head. She continued the motion with the momentum, pirouette.

That was one. The other stared with wide eyes.

A gun boomed.

Missed her.

She repeated the kick.

Whack , gun, Whack head.

She landed. Perfect.

She was just about to reach for one of the guns laying on the floor when she heard movement behind her. She spun quickly and saw Shola standing there….. waiting.

Shola opened her mouth to say something but before the words were even formed Telula rushed at her. The gun spit, Telula threw herself to the left. The gun spit again. Fragments of concrete from the wall exploded into tiny pieces. Telula attacked her with a scissors kick, like a football player lining up for goal. Her foot connected with Shola’s gun and went flying across the room. It hit the wall a few yards away and fell to the floor.

They both stared at it wondering whether to go after the gun or each other. As Telula half-turned she realised she’s made a terrible mistake. Shola pulled out a second gun and aimed it at her.

“I win.” She laughed as she squeezed the trigger.

Everything seemed to go at slow motion at that point. Telula saw her shoot but rather than hear the usual resonating report of a gunshot she was hearing what sounded like the intro of a Biggie song. She closed her eyes and waited for the bullet that would end her life.

So many unanswered questions went through her mind.


*song playing in the background*

It was all a dream
I used to read Word Up magazine
Salt’n’Pepa & Heavy D up in the limousine
Hangin’ pictures on my wall
Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl
I let my tape rock ’til my tape popped
Smokin’ weed & bamboo, sippin on private stock…….

She opened her eyes to hear her alarm tone. Fuck. That was one helluva dream. She smiled as she rolled out of bed.


We have finally reached the end of this saga! I hope you all enjoyed it. I did.

With this ending, you all expect me to be writing and posting serious work here right? I wish I could but being a senior at AUN also means you do not have a life. I will be posting o …. just not as much as you guys think. Like twice or thrice a month. I’m trying my hand at poetry and you guys should expect more from me on that front. 

If you want me to write something for your blog, I will always be available. Just hit me up on twitter @d3ola

*sniff sniff* Yes I’m crying. Allow me abeg.

Thank you for being here and have a nice weekend! Oh and happy independence day in advance!



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Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the Writer’s Roundabout! We are in the last and final week and I’m glad you all stuck through it all! Thank you all so much for all the love and support you all showed me! I really appreciate it!

Too lazy to help you carry last, so here is the link  to the other posts in the series written by me and the other talented writers.

Now we have @Olatoxic…..


…As the red infrared beam passed over Jade’s eye on the way to her forehead something remarkable happened…

She remembered.

She remembered her parents handing her over, at the tender age of six, to the TaiGon monks who had come visiting the lonely hills of Jos. She remembered the gruelling training she had undergone in the Himalayan Mountains to ensure she fulfilled the purpose for which she had been born. She would save her people from the black plague that was to come. She remembered that she would have to suppress all this highly lethal knowledge until ‘the appointed time’ when her skills and training would be required to come to the fore again. At the age of 18, beautiful and yet lethal, she was ready to be reabsorbed into society sans the skills she had worked so hard to learn. She would live a normal life oblivious of her calling and skills until it was time for her to reveal herself and save her people. Thus, through the ancient TaiGon mystics, her masters had put that very powerful part of her brain to sleep…  until now.

It had been an unlikely series of implausible events but it had indeed occurred. With the passing of that beam over her eye, Jade remembered the truth about who she really was and why she was here. For it was long ago written…

The happy men from the east

Shall set her on her journey

To tame the savage beast

The one they call Horny

Once, she would shout

Twice penetrated

Thrice she would black-out

Severally incarcerated

When the will to live

Has lost all its meaning

Then the red light she’ll see

And then, awakening

A small sound brought Jade back to the present and with speed that belied all her previous naivety, she reacted purely from instinct and pivoting on her right heel, spun in a 720 degree cycle that left her in a crouch facing Sadiq’s legendary crotch. She had dodged the deadly lead pellet that had just gone through the very spot in which her head had been only a split-second before. Without sparing even a second to allow Sadiq recover from the shock of seeing a forlorn, konjified and helpless Jade transform into a lethal whirling dervish, Jade launched her left flattened out palm upward and forward in a hard chop dispossessing Sadiq of his silenced pistol. She grabbed his still outstretched wrist and launched a kick powerful enough to have crippled a rhinoceros to his left jaw. She half expected to see his head rolling across the now-charred earth but instead a she heard a loud, unexpected…


Sadiq didn’t utter a wince, not even a grimace from what should have been excruciating pain, just that straight, straight face. Jade leapt back at the horror of the realization now dawning upon her: This was not the same Sadiq that had driven her very core rolling over mountains and seas in waves of pleasure and pain. Could Sadiq have been somehow transformed into a cyborg after Kat(t) had killed him?! This was certainly not the man that had pleasured her only a few days ago. Heck! This was no human! Jade began to notice little things- like that he hadn’t spoken a single word since he’d resurfaced. He hadn’t shown any emotion whatsoever so far and how he moved just a tad mechanically in certain parts of his body.


But who would do this to Sadiq and why? Before she could figure any of this out, another mystery presented itself. Something strange was happening. Sadiq (or whatever he now was) wasn’t moving but then again, he was. He seemed to be having… A Hard-On! His schlong was becoming so hard and so long and so strong that it didn’t seem like his bloodied pants could hold it in any longer. The fabric finally gave way, ripping at the crotch area to reveal cold hard steel with a muzzle that could spit out only one thing: hot lead! And that muzzle was pointing right at her.

Oh, the irony, it would seem that Sadiq still had the hots for Jade. The whirring sound that followed however, told her to move… and FAST!  A hail of machine gun bullets followed her trail as she ran fast as she could out of the line of fire and dove for cover behind the hulk of the car that Lagbaja and Jason had brought her here in. Sadiq continued to fire and advance towards the vehicle, a few rounds actually penetrating through only a few inches from Jade. She knew she couldn’t hide back here forever and she didn’t foresee any help coming anytime soon. She would have to sort herself out this time.  Peeking out at the advancing creature, she knew what she must do.

Jade dashed out from behind the car at a right angle from Sadiq. He adjusted his feet to hit her but she didn’t appear to be running in a straight line. She was running in a circle around him. Halting his fire in order not to waste ammo, he adjusted some more, but she was moving too fast, which made him adjust yet a little more. As this went on, Sadiq didn’t seem to notice that his target was not running in any simple circle, but in circles, concentric circles, bringing her closer to her assailant. Passing close to where R and B still lay, she executed a ‘dive, roll and stand’ move perfectly, picking the weapon B had used to take ‘Gayson Gerulo’ out and stopped dead in her tracks facing Sadiq. Even as he trained his huge, erect penis at her and began firing again, she leapt forward at the man in a somersault that saw her sailing over his line of fire and landed atop the phallus that had sought her out for so long. It held her up quite easily, didn’t even seem to bend under her weight in the least bit. Pointing her weapon in his face, she spoke to him or it.


Sadiq looked up in her face and all she could see was a blank, hollow expression that told her Sadiq’s mind, soul and spirit were long gone from his body. All that was left was this lethal husk of flesh and metal. From her vantage point, she could see into his skull at the wires, receptors and pieces of metal that crisscrossed in, over and out of his brain.

There would be no answers from this one.

She shot into the ugly mass inside his cranium and as she executed a back-flip off the big dick, she triggered the shock waves that would fry the cyborg’s circuits and put an end to the nightmare that Sadiq had become.

With a huge sigh of relief, Jade got up slowly to her feet. She discarded the weapon and swiveled round to walk into the destiny she had been prepared for and there standing calmly watching her stood Shola!

She gawked in shock at the sexy, black-leather clad woman standing in front of her and knew immediately that there stood the source of or the remedy to all her problems.

“Well done, my friend. You have finally awoken”

In a barely audible voice, Jade asked “How are you alive?!”

Walking towards her best friend, Shola explained “Jade… or rather, Telula, you have something inside you that we have been trying to protect for a very long time. As you must recall now, we could not just inform you of who you truly were. If you were not awoken in the specific way in which you were supposed to, your powers would have been lost forever, damning your people who await your return.”

Jade “These things I know, tell me what I don’t. I saw your corpse, Jason confirmed you were dead. How do you come to stand before me now?”

Shola replied “I was planted by the TaiGon to watch and protect you. Sadiq was supposed to come begin your awakening process but we found out midway that he was a double agent for our enemies, the ones you were born to vanquish, Boko Haram!

“Sadiq’s true intention was to kill you before you could achieve the purpose for which you were prepared. Kat(t) who was your secondary protection, got wind of this and stepped in just in time. We could not have you any wiser and so we had to find a way to continue the awakening process. I could not be in the picture any longer and so it had to look like I’d been gotten rid of. What you thought was a corpse was only a pile of Jason’s chicken gourmet leftovers and the tongue and teeth Kat(t) showed you were, in reality, Sadiq’s. Boko Haram must have retrieved his body, made the enhancements you just discovered and reassigned him to your case. Jason was another double agent who was supposed to complete your awakening process but instead invited Lagbaja, also Boko, to finish you off. He had that little accident with the car and R’n’B were sent in to awaken you after disposing of Jason but our old endowed friend had to make his come back then. The rest you know.” She finished, gesturing towards the empty shell that was once Sadiq’s body.

Jade looked straight into her friend’s eyes and said “All that seems to make sense. But answer me this one question:

“Why do you have a bomb strapped around your breasts? Or did you expect me to believe you had miraculously gone from A-cup to double Ds overnight?!”….


This one na serious action feem o! Hian!

Well, the end is near and we have @FreshPrinzVick to help us with that!

Head back here on Friday at 9:30 to know how the movie finally ends!!!

Have a great day!!!


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Hey everyone!

Welcome to the last week of The Writer’s Roundabout! So glad you could make it and stay on with all the crazy shit that has been going on! I really appreciate all the love and support you guys have given me and the writers! Thank you so much!

Here is the part where I say stuff about carrying last and ish, but I will put you out of your misery and just post the link to the other posts. Your welcome.

Now we have my special guest writer, @JibolaL …….



“I said CUT!!! What the hell is this? Are we making Scary Movie here?” The screams were coming from a short man, who looked like he was kin to Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze – Aki and Pawpaw. The voice boomed across the warehouse turned movie studio somewhere in the Apapa area of Lagos. It seemed unlikely that such a well bodied voice could be coming from someone so small. But it was, with his booming voice, his other features were stark. His shiny ebony skin would make Wande Coal blush, and his shiny suit would blind a welder with a face guard on.

“When I told Quentin Tarantino I wanted a Nigerian Pulp Fiction, I didn’t ask for this mess! What the hell is this?!  I say what the actual fuck is this?? Arrggghhh Where is this damned Tarantino ma sef?!”

All the workers would have stared at him in wonder if they were seeing this spectacle for the first time. He’s the Producer of the soon-to-be groundbreaking film. The film was still in its shooting stages but the media was abuzz for the first film of Nigerian production that would be directed by a world class director as the legendary Tarantino himself. Chief Obinna Odimegwu was the visionary private investor who had facilitated the epoch making move.

The Director of Photography had whipped out his BlackBerry a while ago and was smiling at some inane message, the gaffer boys held the cables allotted to them and looked on avoiding gazing at the potbellied Producer of the film.

“I said where is Quentin Tarantino and nobody can answer me? You over there! You’re fired! And get the fuck off my set!”

“You can’t fire me sir!”

“Are you MAD??”

“I’m your driver sir, and you can’t drive so if I leave here, you can’t get off this set.”

Chief looked stumped for like two seconds. And then he brightened up with an idea. “You there! Next to him! Can you drive” before even waiting for an answer. “You’re my new driver. That fool, fuck off my set. Now find somebody find me Tarantino!

And I need a new Scriptwriter! I don’t want any deformed amala in my movie. I have spent too much already! And somebody clear this mess of Amala on the floor!”


Quentin who had previously been sampling the delights that Lagos girls had to offer a soft spoken American director, while Chief was ranting on set, remodeled the script with the new writer guy. And they were about to get shooting with the story again.

Camera? Quentin boomed over the Megaphone

Lights! Action!

Serves him right.

She turned back to the man still crouched in front of her. He appeared not to have flinched. “So. What do you guys have planned for me?

“We’re taking you home, Telula.”

Jade blinked. “Home? Really?” She was wary about getting excited “But wait oh! My name is Jade.”. A foul stench filled the air, and she scrunched up her nose. “What the fuck…”

R looked away shyly, “I am so sorry, love. It’s just that B here made us eat Whitehouse Amala before we came here, and it gives me terrible gas”

“Oh God…” Jade gasped, the stench of his fart was like nothing she had smelt before.

B spoke up, “I am really sorry about R’s indiscretion. However, we have some work to do here. You see, we came here to take you home, eliminating Gayson Gayrulo here was an added bonus.”

“You got that right!” R chimed in as he let another one rip.

“Jesu!” Jade screamed as she tried to get up.

Both R and B trained their guns on Jade, and she finally understood what they meant by going home. She closed her eyes and resigned to it. Coming into close grip with death so many times in the last few hours would render you fearless. A sense of calm came over her as she remembered the passion and then the morbid fear of being impaled to death that was the precursor of the whole affair. This whole affair that had her scarred mentally and bloodied. Strangely, the pleasure that Sadiq Istubefi-Ed had given came back to her, and considering the situation, she found herself getting aroused.


She should have died. What was she doing getting wet.

She opened her eyes and saw Sadiq. He was standing a few feet away over the bodies of R and B. B stirred and he point the silenced pistol in his hand and shot at the dying body 3 more times, and then a 4th and 5th time for good measure.

Sadiq!!!!” She didn’t even consider at that moment that his head had been blown to bits as he was over her. She also didn’t consider that his hair was shorter, and he was more rugged looking with a scar across his left cheek. She didn’t care. She was wet. Dripping wet. Her eyes roved over his crotch area.

And then he raised his gun, the laser red dot of the target finder came to level with her forehead.

The gushing river between her thighs froze midstream.


This is all too deep! What the fuck is gonna happen now???

The calabash has spoken and it has said that the ‘last virgin on twitter’ shall continue the saga of Jade!

So come back here Wednesday at 9:30 to see what @Olatoxic has in store for us! Which leaves @FreshPrinzVick as the last and final writer. The end rests solely on his neck!

Decades is still on! Today is the last day and it has been an awesome experience! Yours truly was featured on it too! Check out Afrosays  today by 10 to read the last and final decade by @UberBetty.

Have a great day! :*

Home ke?

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Whooosh! We have come a very looooooong way! Thank you all for sticking through all the twists and turns! We are almost at the end!

So if you want to read the previous posts or you are carrying a very oh-so-heavy last, click here to read the previous posts by me, Rj, Wole, Sandra, Terdoh, Onyinye, Bukky and Bankole.

Now we have Coco @CeCeNoStockings ……


Jade sat cross-legged on the floor, unperturbed by the ringing that followed the shot she’d heard.

Jason was running around frantically, screaming like the bitch she’d begun to suspect he was. For some reason, the image of a headless chicken flashed in her mind’s eye, and her tummy rumbled. Damn, I’m hungry. She thought as she watched Jason drop to his knees, hands covering his ears. He seemed to be in pain she didn’t care.

Of course. Jade rolled her eyes as two guys dressed in an all black ensemble walked in. They looked deeply engaged in an argument, but the ringing in her ears prevented her from hearing what they we going on about. However, she did find their somewhat animated movements hilarious. She thought they looked like a gay inter-racial couple and giggled a little.

That got their attention. The men turned and walked towards her. She probably should have been scared. She wasn’t. She was too tired. The darker man crouched down in front of her, and stared into her eyes for all of five seconds before glancing back up at his partner. “She seems okay, R.”

“I’m not okay oh!” Jade half-screamed. “Hian! How can you see me like this and be seeming that I’m okay?!”

R giggled. It was a sound that caused Jade to conclude he was the female in the relationship. That notion was put into question as she watched him turn around and whip out a gun at lightening speed. She heard a wheezing sort of sound, and watched a hook fly through the air and lodge itself in Jason’s lower back, shocking him, and reducing him to a whimpering mess on the floor, curled up in the fetal position. Apparently the bitch had tried to escape..

Serves him right.

She turned back to the man still crouched in front of her. He appeared not to have flinched. “So. What do you guys have planned for me?”

“We’re taking you home, Telula.”

Jade blinked. “Home? Really?” She was wary about getting excited “But wait oh! My name is Jade.”. A foul stench filled the air, and she scrunched up her nose. “What the fuck…”

He merely jerked his head, towards were Jason lay on the floor. Jade looked, but there was no Jason there anymore. R stood over what looked like some sort of animal. No, animals were identifiable. This had tentacles, and scaly skin that seemed to ooze slime. The skin covering it was peeling off slowly, revealing more of the gruesome looking creature below it.

Jade threw up in her mouth.


Aliens? Or what the …..

My soul …. this is all so confusing!

The next writer will be able to tell us what happens ….

Buuuuuuuuut …..

You have to come back here on Monday at 9:30 to find out who it is! 😛

Do I have to mention that the wonderful and exciting ‘Decades II’ is happening? I repeat, head over to Afrosays by 10 to read the latest one! It’s all about the women this time! 

Oh, and I still need your submissions o! Fiction, feature and inspirational stories are needed! I also need a summer movies review. Send them all to 😀

Have a great weekend guys!

Jason vs. Derulo

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Hello everyone!

Welcome back to The Writer’s Roundabout. I’m really glad you all are still with me with all the twists and turns. I really appreciate all the love and support!

I am still accepting submissions for my project. Email me if you have fiction, feature and inspiring stories. I also need summer movies review and an international book review. Here is my email –

If this is your first time here, or you don’t know why you are here orrrrrrr you are carrying a very heavy heavy last, click here to read the previous posts done by me, Rj, Wole, Sandra, Terdoh, Onyinye and Bukky.

Now we have Bankole @xoAFRO


“Haaa ….. ”

“..Kuna Matata? Would you sing for me? Jason, go get my saxophone…”

Jason pushed Jade over towards the man who’d driven the car but he pushed her so violently that she was thrown over a pile of cement bags that lay some distance ahead. Of course, she ended up on the rough floor in a posture not so greatly comfortable. She knew she had twisted something.

Jason started merrily on the errand. Skipping.

Jade recovered slowly, turning her weak body on the hard, red earth. One of her knees bled. She was in a very large compound, she noticed, with a barbed wire perimeter and only one building in sight, a sort of storage shed, the one Jason was making for. The sun cast a dull evening glow on what looked like a very large building project – heaps of sand, cement mixers, shovels, pans, ready-made bricks and other such implements to suggest her quick conclusion lay before her but her attention was still taken by the face her eyes had met when the blindfold had been taken off. At least until she heard Jason sing.

Day-o, me say day-o,
Daylight come and we don’t wanna go home.
Yeah so, we losin’ control…

She knew that voice. Jason Derulo. Chicken batterer. Chicken arsonist. He didn’t really look like he did on TV probably because he hadn’t shaved in while but she knew it was him.

“Oh! Shut up Jason and get me my goddarn saxophone!”

She turned back to face the masked face that had shocked her socks. Her own face was a confusion of expressions, a confirmation of the many frustrations she had tolerated and this final violent irritation. Her body shook in a tremor. She decided she had enjoyed enough of the freaking.

“Fuck this! Which one is this again? And you’re Lagbaja right?” She screamed at the masked man.

Turn the lights low ’cause we about to get blown.

“Jasoooon! SHUUUT UUUUP!” Lagbaja said.

In a flashy show of rage, the masked man clenched his fists and turned back to yell as Jason walked into the shed and slammed the door. His slim, tall torso was tensed a lot, and it showed, through the brilliant roughs on his very colourful Aso-Oke outfit caused by the very unfortunate contortion of his body.


Jade buried her head under her hands as car parts and human parts too flew over head. The cement bag barrier served as a wonderful protection. If Jade had kept her head up she’d have seen the two hands coming in the air with a mind of their own. To land on her big butt cheeks. Just like that.


The hands were hot.

Even in death, Lagbaja still asked if there was something for him.

The noise ended almost as quickly save for the song of a small fire that burned the heavy parts of the car that were to proud to be flung in the excitement and the ringing in her ears. Jade lifted her head and Lagbaja’s masked head smiled at her through burnt teeth from atop the cement pile. The scene was reminiscent of Sallah meat burnings; the aroma of burnt flesh and dust and melted plastic found her. Dear Lagbaja seemed happy with where his hands found rest. She threw up.

Jason walked over to where Jade was and laughed a little before he helped her up. The sight was priceless. Her twisted ankle told her sternly to sit and so she sat, right next to grinning Lagbaja and together they tried to pull Lagbaja’s mask off. They were curious for different reasons.

But the mask stuck.

And they gave up.

But it was not over yet.


Then Jason knew that he had failed. It was only Lagbaja’s body parts all over the place. Of course, he was not Jason Derulo. Of course, Lagbaja was not Lagbaja and although Jade didn’t know, she was not Jade. She was the daughter of somebody important. Somebody with enemies.

A shot rang out.


This is getting interesting o … hmmmmm

So what happens next?

The next writer will tell us more …

Who is …….








Coco @CeceNoStockings

Head back here Friday at 9:30 to see what Cece does with this story!!!

Do not forget to head over to Afrosays at 10 today to read the 3rd Decade by @JadenTM with poetry written by @_Ayaba.

Have a great day!!!


Seriously, what?

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Welcome back to The Writer’s Roundabout! Glad you all stuck through the twists and turns. Thank you for all the love and support you guys have shown me. I really appreciate it!!!

If you want to read the previous posts done by me, Rj, Wole, Sandra, Terdoh and Onyinye, click here to do so.

Now we have Bukky @BoukkieO …..
Jade woke, but she didn’t open her eyes; she was afraid to. She wasn’t sure where she was, and if there was another surprise waiting for her, she needed those last few moments of peace. What was the last thing she saw? She wondered. Oh, yes, the horrible, horrible chicken killing method that guy employed. What happened after though? Did he hit her with the bat? She moved her head slightly to see if it was still in one piece; no, he didn’t hit her. She remembered screaming, She must have passed out after she screamed. She moved her hands to see if she was tied; she wasn’t. She opened her eyes cautiously, one after the other. The first thing she saw was teeth, shiny white teeth exposed in a big grin.

“Hello again, Missy”.

Jason was sitting right in front of her on the bed, holding out a plate of oh-so-black Chicken. She let out another scream. Lord only knows how she got enough wind to do that. It seemed to be her favorite way of communicating.

“Dinner is served”, he said, still grinning.

“Oh, no, I’m not eating that” Jade said quickly and shook her head vigorously.

“I worked hard to prepare this, you mean you won’t even taste it?” Jason said with a mock-hurt look on his face. “Ok, suit yourself then” he said and started eating.

Jade looked at him, shook her head and turned her face to the other side. All previous thoughts of P setting gone without a trace, she thought: “Only God knows which sect or specie of mad men this one belongs to. Who mangles a chicken, sets it on fire and proceeds to eat it? What will I not see? Sha don’t kill me. Wait, it could be worse, he could bite me! Father Lord, I hear the poison of madness travels really fast through the body. Please thicken my skin, let no evil teeth be able to penetrate. Please protect me. Now I know it’s true what they say: “all that glitters is not gold”; this is a huge, fat weist! A fine boy gone to weist.” She took a sideways look at him as he munched away, oblivious to the perusing eyes. Her stomach rumbled loudly just then, and Jason turned to her with his mouth full and said: “you sure you don’t want some of this? It’s really good”.

She eyed now-halved black lump hungrily, but she couldn’t bring herself to eat it. All she could remember was the horrific way in which the chicken died. She turned her face to him and asked: “Look, where am I ? And why am I here? Who are you? I want to go home, please let me go.” She was crying now, more out of starvation than the need to go home. Jason dropped his plate and hurried to her side. He said

“Please don’t cry, you’ll be alright.”

She held away at first, but soon she settled into his hug and let him soothe her.

“Who are you?” She asked after her tears had subsided. “I can’t really tell you that” came the reply. “Why am I here? Where am I? Are you going to kill me or chop off parts of my body?” She asked, fresh tears soaking Jason’s shirt.

He chuckled and she looked up at him; he was fine. And he had nice teeth too. “No, I’m not going to kill you or dice you. I can tell you my name; it’s Jason.”

“Alright, Jason”.

Jason was about to say something when there came a knock on the door.

“Ah, finally.”

He said as he rose to open the door. He didn’t let the visitor in, instead, he stepped out and shut the door behind him. Jade sat up alert, she could hear voices, but she couldn’t make out what they were discussing. After a few minutes, Jason came back in with a stern look on his face. He took his place on the bed and resumed the consumption of his blackened meal. Jade opened her mouth to ask the many questions on her mind, but as she did, Jason held a finger to his lips, his eyes moved towards the door and then back to her, his finger still in place. She knew he meant for her to be quiet, but who was outside the door? And why couldn’t she speak anymore? Fear rose to the back of her throat and her heart beat faster. She silently prayed to God to spare her life. She promised for the umpteenth time that she would truly turn around if she got out of this alive and in on piece. Jason was looking at her intently, and it made bells go off at the back of her head. “Dear Lord, this is not the time to set P!” She thought. She tried to stay awake, but she was tired and hungry and she soon fell asleep.

When she woke, Jason was looming over her. He held pieces of cloth in his hand. She sat up and scuttled away from him, but he moved close to her and whispered: “whatever happens, do not say a word, do not struggle or try to escape. I promise you’ll be alright. Do you understand?” Jade nodded quickly and wondered what horror awaited her this time and if she should trust this man who looked as though he didn’t like what was about to happen. There was a loud knock, followed by a deep voice :”what’s taking so long?” Jason squeezed her hand gently and quickly blindfolded Jade with one piece of cloth, and tied her hands behind her with the other. She heard the door open, and she was pulled forward. She walked a short distance with someone who was half-dragging her and after a while, they stopped. Then a hand pressed her head down; it took some seconds to realize she was entering a car. The engine started and the car moved. She wanted to ask where they were headed, but she remembered Jason’s warning, so she kept shut. Was he there with her? Should she scream? How many people were in the car? Was anyone carrying a gun? She didn’t know, she didn’t hear any sounds apart from the car engine. The car came to a stop soon and she was dragged out. She stood, waiting for the next thing to happen. She heard footsteps, and they seemed to stop right in front of her. Someone spoke: “Ah, Jade, we meet again.” Another person yanked the blindfold off from behind her, and when she saw the face in front of her, she intended to scream, but she could only manage a whimper.

This is just ….. *smh*
So who’s the next writer?
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And the next writer is ….

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What is going on?

Posted: September 16, 2011 in The Writer's Roundabout


Thank you all for all your love and support. I never expected it to be this big. We still have five writers left so there are still so many twist and turns!

If this your first time here, or you have no idea why you are here orrrrr you are carrying a very heavy last, click here to read the posts written by me, Rj, Wole, Sandra and Terdoh.

Up next, we have my personal persin, Onyinye (@nwaokpoechi) who will continue the story ……


The early morning rays hit Jade’s face. She turned around, winced a bit and her eyes fluttered open really quickly. The pain in her side was absolutely unbearable. That was kind of strange seeing as the last thing she remembered was the insanely awesome bouts of pleasure she experienced with Katt. She held her palm up and saw she was covered in blood. She looked around. Make that a pool of blood. Her own blood. And no Katt in sight.

‘Oh my God, oh my God. Blood of Jesus! Jesus, save your daughter!!’ It took her a while before she realized that no sounds were coming out of her mouth. She held her palms up to the light coming in from the window and she could see they were already turning white. ‘God, please, I can’t die here. If you bring me out of this alive, I will dedicate my entire life to you.’

She mustered up her last bit of energy, and screamed, “Help! Help!” There had to be a God. And millions of angels rooting for her because soon after, someone came rushing into the place. She didn’t have the strength to take in all the details of the man, but she could tell he was tall and dark. He carried her and she slumped in his arms. With her head limp and hanging from his arms, she saw her friend Shola at the extreme end of the room. She had been marinated in her own blood, with her tongue and her jaw beside her. There were flies. Lots of flies. She would have vomited if not that she had an empty stomach. “Shola…, help Shola”, was all she said before she passed out again.

She woke up to find herself in a shoddy six-spring bed, with a terrible headache. Her palm had been bandaged. She tried to move, and that’s when the guy whom she assumed had saved her life walked in. “How are you feeling?”

“Better”. She wanted to thank him, thank him profusely but she found herself asking, “Where am I, and who are you and why did you save me?”. She paused to catch her breath. “Please what is your name?”

He laughed.

“Calm down, missy. My name is Jason, and that’s all you need to know.”

“Thank you, for saving my life,” she finally said.

“There’s no need to thank me yet,” was what she got back.

She wondered what that meant and found herself staring at her saviour’s face. ‘Omo, this Jason na fine boy sha. Definitely p-setting material. Maybe after all this is over, we can hook …’ Her thoughts trailed off as she remembered her promise to God. And then Shola. Her own personal Sholzzy Sholz.

“Where is Shola?!” she blurted.

“Who is Shola?”

“My friend.  She was lying there. I told you to help her! I told you to help her!”. She broke down and wept uncontrollably. Curse Sadiq. Curse that stupid Chinese gay porn that even prompted Shola to help her out in the first place.

“Oh. She’s dead. And eat your food.” He pointed to the tray on the floor beside her bed. With that he stood up and walked out of the room. A bout of general hysterics ensued. She could hear a clicking sound. He had probably locked her in. She panicked but she was too weak to check or even think of escaping. Moreover, she had absolutely no idea where she was.  She was lost in her thoughts when she heard a faint sound coming from the other end of the room. It was a bit spacious – the room, and that bed she lay on was the only piece of furniture in it. She stood up and walked to the window where the sounds were coming from. She opened the curtains a little bit and saw the man that had saved her life furiously pounding away at a chicken with a bat. When he was done, the chicken was all mangled because all the bones had been broken, but it still wasn’t dead. Then he carried it into a metal bucket, and set it ablaze. She shuddered as he threw the bat far into the distance. Then he pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialled a number. All she heard was ‘It’s done’, and ‘She’s well’ before he cut the call.

She was gripped by immense fear and before she could even put her hands to her mouth, she let out a scream. The man turned and started walking towards the window, his white shirt sporting streaks of blood, and his eyes met hers.

“Hello, missy”


Jason sha … but wait why was a chicken killed? 

Well, that all depends on the next writer ……

Chineyre choosing the name out of the calabash 

And the next writer is …..

Bukky @BoukkieO

Head back here on Monday by 9:30 to read what Bukky has to offer us….. 

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